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Our Bacon Theme Song…

Ladies and Gentlemen, friends of TDB…let’s give it up for Andre Williams (Mr. Rhytm) and His New Group

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“We got a new dance they call a…Bacon Fat.”

Got as big as #9 on the Billboard Chart in 1957.


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Better with Bacon – Bacon Bit Burgers

Look at that picture…makes a mouth water.  Bacon bits inside the beef patty with smoked guoda and steakhouse onion!! The thing of it is, this recipe was cooked up by the miniture devil, Rachel Ray.  Now I don’t like Rachel, I find her quite annoying and her voice just grates on me…but I’ll give her this, it does sound delicious and simple – my two favorite things.

I came across this recipe at Eat My Charlotte.  Click thru to get the whole scoop!

Happy eating!

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Halloween Week – Zombie Bacon II…

It really is an amazing world out there…type a few words in the old google machine and KA-POW, look what you can find…


Is there a better plush toy to give your little one than a zombiefied slice of bacon? I think not my friends.

Zombie Bacon the brainchild of makinbacon out of Seattle, available over at Etsy.  Just $12.00 kids…that is a bargain for any type of undead pork product!

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It’s been awhile, I know.  We’ve all been a little busy and the holidays are only going to add to all the craziness.  So with that in mind I propose we all take a little time and have a relaxing and filling breakfast with friends/family, etc.

That is right, it’s our sixth BACON SUNDAY!

We’ve had a lot of new folks stopping by since our last “event”, so please allow me a minute to explain just what BACON SUNDAY is…

BACON SUNDAY is a day where we here at “The Daily Bacon” encourage you to go enjoy a good old breakfast! It could be a get together with friends, family or even just a quiet morning at a greasy spoon with your newspaper.  I am a HUGE proponent of a great breakfast.  Some of my favorite memories are around big ole breakfasts.

So, as the name suggests, we select a Sunday and of course encourage you to have bacon with that meal.

We have people who have wanted to “attend” BACON SUNDAY, but don’t dig on pork for various reasons. I have heard their cries and now proclaim that BACON SUNDAY doesn’t even have to include pig…just knowing that you are willing to join in the spirit of the “event” is plenty cool with me!


  • When: Sunday, December 27th
  • From: Whenever you wake up til 2 pm
  • Where: Your pick
  • With Who: Anyone you’d like to get together with.

Why the 27th? Well the big holiday celebrations are behind us and it feels like a good day to decompress and take it slow.

Facebook friends: Look for the event invitation over the next day or two.

So “join” us won’t you?  May this movement continue to grow!

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What Makes a Trend?

A really interesting, albeit short, article in the Wall Street Journal last week about how food trends start. Here’s an excerpt:

Bacon. It’s everywhere. Wendy’s features it in the “Baconator” and Paula Deen crumbles it into quiche. Ditto for those deluxe cupcakes top-heavy with frosting. Is there a bakery or supermarket that doesn’t sell them?

Bacon and cupcakes — like sliders, bubble tea, popsicles, food trucks and chipotle — have caught on from coast to coast.

But how?

How indeed.  Click on through, it’s a good read with a great quote from Ted Allen at the end.

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Better with Bacon – Bacon Pear Pizza…

This popped up in the Google machine and just reading it made my mouth water.  I want to make this now!

It fits our motto: simple, quick, tasty, bacon.

Sweet Bacon and Pear Pizza…hit the jump for the recipe. [Read more →]

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What more needs to be said?

Keep being awesome everyone!

[passiveaggressivenotes.com via geekologie.com]

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Better with Bacon – Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

It’s Tuesday…time for another simple, easy and yummy bacon recipe…

photo via foodival.blogspot.com

photo via foodival.blogspot.com

Now – for me, there is only ONE chocolate chip cookie recipe and that is the Nestle Tollhouse recipe!  But…what if I added bacon to that???  Hmmmmm??

If you are more adventourous than I and make your cookies from other recipes, then give this a try…looks like the key is candying the bacon first…
[

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Bacon Pic of the Day – Just Go With It!

Told you…just go with it!

via Bacon is Yummly

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Lazy Post – Baconnaise, A Review…

I’ve checked out today…just loaded with work and headin’ out to try to drown my sorrows…but I still want to post something today…hmmmmmmmmm, what to do?


Enjoy this from “The AV Club“.  They taste test Baconnaise, it’s bacon flavored mayo, from the makers of Bacon Salt. I will be trying Bacon Salt in the next few weeks, but I will never try this, just can’t get on board.  So, I am cheating today and sending you to their review.

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