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Better with Bacon – Dina’s Candied Bacon Edition!

After the “all Charlie” post yesterday, I can across a series of Facespace messages from another long time FoTDB Dina (SHOUT OUT!).  Dina’s been a BIG supporter of this little blog and just after the New Year she sent not one but five, FIVE, recipes that included candied bacon.

Candied Bacon Ice Cream

Candied Bacon Green Salad

Candied Bacon Maple Popcorn

Chocolate Chip Candied Bacon Pancakes

Candied Bacon Butter!

See something you like?  Of course you do!

Thanks for all the bacon love Dina and for being a loyal TDBer!

Photos via davidlebovitz, jaimeoliver, pinterest, evilshenanigans and tablespoon

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Turn On Your Bacon Light…

Let it shine whereever you go
Let it make a happy glow
For all the world to see

Turn on your bacon light
In the middle of a young boy’s dream
Don’t wake me up too soon
Gonna take a ride across the moon
You and me

Turn on you bacon light now
Turn on you bacon light now

found on Etsy via Skulls and Bacon
thanks to Mr. Diamond for the inspiration ;-)

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Bacon Pic of the Day – Why Aunt Jemima is Smiling…

It’s because of these beauties…

via Craft

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Behold the Magnetic Power of Bacon…

I love Etsy!  Seriously!  You love something and have an idea for a product – BAM – you’ve got a store front and are out there makin’ it happen.

Where else could you find something as simple and as wonderful as these?


Yes, those are bacon magnets.  Created by DesignDude, they come in four different “sizes” and help pork up any fridge. 

Four “slices” in a package, $4.99 per.

Make it so! 


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Bacon Sunday II is this Sunday! I have started this movement to encourage everyone to spend one Sunday a month and enjoy a big breakfast with friends / family or even just by yourself with a big old newspaper!  Of course that breakfast includes bacon! ;-)

Facebookers – join The Daily Bacon group to receive future event notifications!

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Better with Bacon – Corned Beef & Cabbage

In anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day, Bobby Flay was on “The Early Show” this morning with his spin on traditional corned beef and cabbage. Of note, his liberal use of bacon!

In fact his strategy of cooking the corned beef directly in bacon fat is something I think I am going to be trying when I cook up my next filet at the house…I’ll let you know how that works out.

Anywho, back to Bobby’s recipe. I was going to post but I fear the wrath of CBS Corporation so instead here is the video (which they allow to be embedded) and you’ll have to click on through for the recipes.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

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Why am I Always Hungry at Work?


Courtesy of TDB’s “Minn-a-soda Correspondant” Rob (SHOUT OUT)…direct quote:

I’m hungry for lunch and walk by this guy’s desk…

No more needs to be said!

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Bacon Pic of the Day – What Time Is It?

Bacon Time!

Hells yeah!  It’s always Bacon Time!

via That’s Nerdalicious

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Better with Bacon – Bacon Wrapped Fried Mac & Cheese

Okay – this recipe may not be that good for you, but after my food experience in New Orleans, I thought it appropriate…


photo via Food Network

This comes from Paula Dean, Food Network Star and Lover of all things Butter and Pork and Cheese and everything else that is good but bad for you these days!

Recipe after the jump. [

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Better with Bacon – Bacon Sushi…



Okay, maybe I am a little “over” excited, but I really loved her creativity.

It’s bacon sushi people…BACON SUSHI…LOOK AT THAT PLATE!!!  LOOK AT IT!!!!!

** deep breath **

Sorry for yelling.  I’m okay now…

To see how they put it all together and more great pictures, head over to What I Eat, Apparently.

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