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The Bacon Supercut…

Need a bacon fix? This video should help!

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Someone went through 30 episodes of Epic Meal Time and strung together all mentions of bacon.  Yes, someone actually did this…

Hope you had a great Tuesday! (Go Sonics Thunder)

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Better with Bacon – Good Old Pioneer BBQ…

VIDEO EDITION – from Good Morning America this morning, enjoy Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman) as she prepared her Peach-Whisky BBQ Chicken with Bacon Cheese Grits.

So there you go!

We won’t be back until Monday, crazy weekend, so make it a good one everyone!

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Better with Bacon – PBBBB

I don’t know what it is, but I am soooooo hungry today!  So hungry in fact that this looked REALLY good!!

It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s got bacon , it’s…

The Peanut Butter Bacon Banana Boat.

Told you I was hungry.

Exact quote from the site where I found this:

A recipe for an easy delicious healthy sandwich like Elvis Presley loved.

It’s the word “healthy” that made me laugh.  BTW, if you really dig the banana/peanut butter thing, go to the Twisted Spoke in Chicago and get the Elvis French Toast.  Yummy! and good for curing any issues from the night before ;-)

Anywho, recipe after the jump: [

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Saturday Morning Video Funhouse…

Bacon, Bacon, Bacon…I’m makin’ the moves on you!

Classic skit from The State.

Have a great weekend.

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Makin’ Bacon – Plumrose…

http://thedailybacon.com/?p=859For this week’s “Makin’ Bacon”, we’re cookin’ up Plumrose Premium Bacon. 

Packaged meat – oh how you deceive…

Walk through a meat department, see this on sale, pick up the package and from this view, that’s not bad lookin’ bacon.  Then you open it…

What a train wreak!!  The strips were sooooooo thin and broke in so many places that it was hard just getting them in the pans.  Sure there looks like a decent amount of meat | fat ratio, but when you can look through a strip, that’s not good.

More after the jump… [

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Better with Bacon – Bacon Takedown Event


Seriously, why are we not having these sort of wonderful events here in the “D”…

This is right up there with the Bacon and Bourbon tasting.

I know this isn’t an actual recipe this week, but just look at all the homemade bacon goodness in the video.  If this can’t inspire you to bust out the pork for your next meal, then I just don’t know how to reach you!

ED. NOTE: Here is a link about the experience from a competitor AND it features her recipe for Korean Bacon Lettuce Wraps.  So there you go…play-by-play and photos from the Bacon Takedown AND your weekly recipe!  HA!

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Better with Bacon – Guac & Chips Grilled Cheese…

Look at this…I mean seriously look at this…

Guac, cheese, bacon…ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?  You can literally taste this through the screen.

Hit the jump to find out more about this absolutely delicious guilty pleasure. [Read more →]

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Better with Bacon – Chocolate Stout Bacon Cake…

This recipe courtesy of FoTDB Chris (SHOUT OUT)!  Link popped up in my Facebook feed and just reading it made my mouth water.  How could this NOT be absolutely delicious??

A little more complicated than the recipes we usually post, but it’s worth it!  Check it after the jump… [Read more →]

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REVIEW – Bacon Salt…

So finally I tried that little shaker of faux flavor…Bacon Salt.


Bacon Salt was developed by two guys who had a dream to make everything taste like bacon.  From humble beginnings, they have turned their product and company into a million dollar business with multiple flavors of Bacon Salt, Baconnaise and recently Bacon Lip Balm.  It’s a true American entrepreneurial success story and I for one applaud them!

So anywho, back to the review… [

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The Bacon Song…

I tried to come up with something witty for a headline but sometimes you can out smart yourself. You just need to let the post stand for itself, especially when you have content like this. I give you “The Bacon Song“:

Yup, I know what you are thinkin’ and that’s what I thought too…

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Glad to be back!

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