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Bacon Boutique – The Bacon Tea Towel…

I got my weekly ThinkGeek email today and they were featuring some pretty cool new products.  This being a bacon blog, we’ll start with this…

Yeah, that’s a bacon kitchen towel.  Why not? Polyester, machine washable and $17.99. Available now my pork lovin’ friends.

Make it so.

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The Baconizer…

Hmmmm…he may be on to something here…


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Bacon Pic of the Day…Part 1

Oh my lord…seriously, I like meat, but really?  REALLY?!?

Behold the Meat Baby!


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Yummy Pictures…with Bacon!

This site has been around for a while, but I am just discovering it’s near hypnotic spell…

It’s called SCANWICHES and it’s concept is so simple…buy/make a sandwich, cut it in half and then scan it! 

I was half tempted to do this with the burgers in our “Fast Food Friday” segment, but then I’d just feel like a massive hack.  So instead, I found a few bacon sandwiches that I thought I’d share with you.


Some more great bacon sandwich photos after the jump… [Read more →]

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Return of Bacon Nails – Paint them Swanson Style…

Sure we’ve had bacon nails on the site before, but this is taking it to the next level…that’s a bacon silhouette of Ron Swanson people, Ron Swanson…on her nails!

That’s some great work!

Check out more photos and the rest of her “work” over at chalkboardnails.com.

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Better with Bacon – Bacon Alfredo Bake

I got so tied up yesterday that I failed to post our regular “Better with Bacon” segment.  Sorry about that.  Blame the holidays for making everything crazy.

Here’s a great looking recipe that just screams comfort to me AND the way they put it together, looks relatively healthy!

No photo for this one, but the recipe is after the jump! [Read more →]

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Um…Yuck…but Still Kinda Cool…

I have been pretty good lately avoiding the burger chains around work (we have Wendy’s, McDonald’s and BK surrounding my office).  After watching this, looks like I’ll be having a salad for lunch…

YouTube Preview Image

I mean really???  REALLY???

Things like this fascinate me.  First, there is just the whole disgusting grease thing.  It is pretty gross.  Second though is the fact that this guys was sitting around (probably drinkin’) and had the idea to not only see how much grease was in the burgers, but then to paint with them, but not just paint but do it on a giant canvas and recreate the “Mona Lisa”. 

Better Half and I have a phrase for when we see something like this (or really bad advertising) and that’s “Fly on the Wall”.  Oh to be a fly on the wall and hear the conversations that went into developing this idea and then taking it to conclusion.  So in future posts, when you see “Fly on the Wall” you’ll know what I mean…

Make it a great day!

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Better with Bacon – Candied Bacon

Candied Bacon???  YES!  Candied Bacon!

Over the last week I have seen a literal flood of posts about this on the Googleverse.  My favorite post is below, from the Rookie Cookie blog:

Candied Bacon:

There isn’t really a recipe for candied bacon. All you need is brown sugar and bacon. The only real catch is that this has to be made in the oven. The bacon needs to stay flat in order for the brown sugar to melt and get all sticky delicious.


photo via Rookie Cookie blog

[

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Super Bowl Breakfast!!

I said I was going to have it for breakfast…and I did…and I liked it!!!

This is the bacon cinnamon roll!

It’s a tough recipe…here are the ingredients:


Now, I made a mistake…it seems that the mini rolls are only stamped to look like they were rolled.  So I had to bust out a knife to cut into a strip:


Once pulled out on the counter, you just place a strip of bacon along the dough.


I was glad we still had a pound of the center cut in the freezer…given the size of these rolls, it was a perfect sized slice.  Also, it’s fresh seal packaging allowed me to just pull a couple slices out and just snap the case shut.


So here we are, all rolled up and ready for the oven.  Since this was the first time making these, I only put two together…In the event that things went south, I didn’t want to ruin a whole pan of these and deny Better Half her breakfast.


After 12 minutes at 400 degrees…here we are…just add icing and…


There you go!

Now I typically don’t like “wrapping” bacon around food.  I love the taste, but the bacon never really cooks and I just don’t dig on soggy bacon.

These cooked up great!  The bacon was still soft inside the roll, but it wasn’t stringy.  When I took a bite straight in, I didn’t pull any of the bacon with me.  The bacon fat melting through the bun gave it a real good taste and a nice sort of glaze formed on the bottom of the roll.  It was a GREAT blend of sweet and savory!

Next time…use the larger cinnamon rolls that are ACTUALLY rolled.  I also think I might hit the bacon in the stove for about 7 minutes and then roll it into the dough…so I get more of a cooked piece of bacon.  Some experimenting to go…but I got to tell you, it already was pretty close to perfection!

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Once You Click, You Just Can’t Stop…

This banner ad creative for Pringles is brilliant! It recently won a gold Cyber Lion at Cannes and I can see why the judges liked it, what great execution.  Is it effective in selling potato chips, I don’t know.  I do know that it is incredibly engaging and had me interacting with their brand for over 3 minutes.  A lot of marketers would kill for that level of exposure, especially those in packaged goods.

Seriously, start clicking and see if you can’t stop!


[via AdFreak]

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