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A Bacon & Star Wars Christmas…

After enjoying the company of one woman for 14 years…and making my holiday list VERY clear over the last 13 years, I must say that this year she knocked it out of the park!

Two HUGE boxes left under the tree for little old me!


Opened #1 and what did I find? The BRAND NEW Milennium Falcon from Hasbro.  This puppy cost $150 bones and is worth every penny for a Star Wars nerd like me. (for those who don’t know, I have a massive Star Wars toy collection) . This things is 2.5′ long, is completely to scale with standard 3.5″ figures.  It has a little holograph chess set with pieces, a medical bay, storage holds, auto opening boarding ramp a working gun turret, light up cockpit with adjustable seats and TONS of great sound effects built in.  I pulled this bad boy out of the box yesterday and I gotta tell ya…I have no idea where I’m going to put it within the collection! Oh but wait, there’s more…


What was in the other large box under the tree??? A big old frickin’ Lego Death Star!!!  Oh yeah! Over 3,000 pieces!!  I couldn’t wait and had this thing open on Christmas night…I gotta tell you, it’s been tons of fun to put together…but more on that later.

What Better Half also realizes is that in this day in age, it’s all about CONTENT (she’s a fine little marketer as well) and what did I find in my stocking…


Boys and girls it was BACON!!  Plenty of fine bacon products for me to discuss in the coming week.  Including some bacon flavored coffee and bacon & chocolate bars.

So Merry Christmas to me and THANK YOU to the Better Half for puttin’ a huge little boy smile on my face!

No other bacon news today…but plenty this week.

In TV news, I finally got around to watching something that’s been clogging my DVR.  Leverage on TNT, starring one Mr. Timothy Hutton.  I gotta tell you, it brought joy in my life today.  Just good old fashion fun caper TV.  Every episode is like a little mini “Ocean’s Eleven”.  Sure some plot points are thin and ending are contrived, but darn it, it made me smile.  The premier episode had both a Star Wars and a Star Trek reference…so hooked! ;-)

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