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Denny’s…You Cruel Mistress You…

Had to take our dog to get a bath early this morning.  She’s a Great Dane and getting up there in age, so I have carry her in and out of the car.  We go to PetSmart and every time I take her I end up just killing time around the shopping center.

It being early and I having my Sunday newspaper and not a single cup of coffee in me, I made a drive to Denny’s across the street.

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The have devised something so simple yet genius, “The Build Your Own Slam“.  You get to choose 4 items from a menu of 8 for just $4.99.  But wait there’s more…you can then add two other items for $0.99 each!!  This is so PERFECT for a guy like me who completely enjoys all the wonders of breakfast but HATES eggs!! Usually every breakfast deal involves two yolk cooked in some fashion.  Not at Denny’s…not if you don’t want it!!!  So double pancakes, sausage, hash browns AND DOUBLE BACON for me please!!!  So good, so fillin’, so incredibly bad for me.

And the bacon today was GREAT!  Yes my friends, great bacon at Denny’s.  I think they had my slices on the flat top next to some ham as it had a unmistakable hint of pineapple.  It was cooked perfectly, not too salty and just melted!

Oh Denny’s, just when I think I’m out…

January 4, 2009   No Comments