Yummy, Yummy Bacon and Other Stuff
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Ick…in more ways than one…

The Black Plague was brought into my home by a little 3.5 month old baby girl.  As she is my baby girl and not just some kid off the street, I must still provide and shelter her.  This means that I live in a house of death.  Between Better Half, Lil’ Baird and I, the sickness has been going on for three weeks and I have just caught it AGAIN!!  That is right, I got sick, I got better, I got sick again!  So, not in a great mood…blog will be short!

Heard a commercial for this today on old fashioned radio…


Bacon, Cheddar, Crunch….well Mr. Announcer Guy, I am sold!!!

Then I click on the Nutritional Info button…


Can’t read it?  Well let me…600 CALORIES!!!  330 Calories from FAT!!! And the kicker 1120 MG OF SODIUM!!!  That’s in just one taco.  “Oh my goodness Elizabeth, I’m comin’ to join ya.”

Why’s America fat Daddy??  Well darling, we eat fried tacos that are then smothered in cheddar and bacon.

Am I going to have one…HELLS YEAH! ;-)

PS: Reservations are set for Roast this Friday.

* Paraphrasing Fred Sanford.

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