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I had the pleasure of enjoying a good performance of “Hairspray” last night at the Fox Theater.  Better Half acquired some tickets through work and we took my boss and his wife.  It was a nice evening.

That was not the highlight for me though…no, the highlight was having dinner at “Iron ChefMichael Symon’s new Detroit restaurant ROAST at the new Westin Book Cadillac.  Everything that came to our table was delicious!!  I would recommend this place to any true carnivore.


The unique feature of the restaurant is the roasting spit in the main dining area.  Each night they feature a different roast beast.  Please let it be pig, please pig, pig, pig, pig….nope…lamb on the menu yesterday.  Oh well.

The room is very sophisticated in deep browns and golds and yet very comfortable.

An interesting dinner menu with intriguing appetizers and elements of bacon throughout!

We started out with a smoked fish plate of salmon, trout and halibut with pickled onions and horseradish butter AND the house stuffed peppers made with a lamb sausage with chunky tomato sauce.  Both delicious and our clean plate proved it!

Better Half was going to roll with the warm spinach salad, which featured a crispy pig ear, but she couldn’t get over that…even with me practically begging her to get it so I could sample the ear.  She ended up with a large board of smoked, roasted whitefish (which melted in your mouth).

My boss and his wife were not as adventurous with their dinner selection, but i believe both very happy with their hamburger selection.  Symon’s burger comes with bacon, a fried egg and served on an English muffin.  It was accompanied with nicely slim cut rosemary french fries, served true style in a cone.

Yours truly ordered the braised beef short ribs.  The eat just fell apart when my fork it hit.  A few bites of this and then a few bites of my side, the bacon cream corn, and i had a great compliment between the savory hot beef and the cool crisp texture of the corn and bacon.  Delicious my friends!

Just after appetizers were consumed and before the entrees made it to the table…I gave in to temptation and ordered the crispy fresh bacon appetizer.  This was interesting!  It’s thick cuts of the belly that are flash fried. Think of kabob squares of meat.  It was a different texture as the fat on the meat was still very soft.  It melted in my mouth and I think would make a great small plate if I was hanging out at the bar having a few beverages.

Will I go back…yes indeed!!  If only to try the pork chop and get my mouth on a pig ear!


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