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Start the Morning Right…

So yesterday morning, Better Half was very kind to make some coffee.  She does this quite often for me and it is always appreciated, since she knows that I really need about a pot each morning to “get up and go”.  It’s an occupational crutch I developed way back in college when I was starting out as a DJ on WDBM-FM, running a 2-6am shift. (Which eventually turned into a two year stint as the morning host for Friday’s “Breakfast Buffet” show.  BTW – my on-air name was PIGBOY!  But more on that later…)

So, she asks if she can make me some coffee and I tell her to bust open one of my stocking stuffers from Christmas, the Maple BACON flavored coffee from Boca Java.


Seemed like as good as day as any to give it a try…as breakfast only consisted of yogurt and granola.

Just holding the bag without even opening, you immediately notice the distinctive sweet smell of a Sunday morning! (I actually wrote this before reading the description of the coffee on their web site – man, I should be in marketing or something)  When brewing, the bacon scent seemed to disappear, being replaced only by maple.  Sadly, that also ran true with my first sip.  Not bacony at all…just a maple infused coffee.

The coffee itself was quite good, very smooth and dark.  I was just disappointed that what I smelled from the bag didn’t translate that well to the cup!

Looks like it’s back to basics…good old black cup o’ joe with a double side of bacon!

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Goin’ to the Market…

Weekly Deals for Detroit Area Stores – 1/12/09:*

Kroger -Kroger Brand Bacon (2 for $5 / 16 oz.)

Meijer – John Morrell Sliced Bacon (2 of $5 / 16oz.)

Hiller’s – Smithfield Hardwood Smoked Sliced Bacon ($2.99 / 16oz.)

Busch’s – Spartan Bacon, Reg. Thick or Low Salt (2 for $5 / 16oz.)

Go Get Some!!

* I don’t believe in Wal-Mart, so if you grocery shop there, you’ll have to find out about the specials your own self!

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