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You Got Bacon in my Chocolate…

To paraphrase a good old ad campaign…are these two great tastes that taste great together??

That was the question as I, spurred on by yesterday’s post and the current TIME article, decided it was time to crack into the Mo’s Bacon Bars that I received for Christmas.


As I opened the package, I placed just under my nose to see if there might be the faint aroma of the applewood bacon.  To my surprise, there wasn’t much of a scent at all, just a slight whiff of cocoa.

The next step was to snap off a piece…


The bar is sectioned in 8th. The color was appealing and has a slightly lighter color than say a traditional HERSHEY bar (one of my personal faves).  A very smooth bar – you can just barely see bacon pieces under the surface.


Not a very thick bar (for $7.50 – $8.50 per).  Here though you can really see the bacon.

And finally…..



Looking at it’s color, I expected more of a sweet milk chocolate taste.  That didn’t hit me at all.  It taste like a darker chocolate (looking into it’s cocoa ratio).  It is actually very savory.  I think it’s the sea salt really brings the sweetness down.  I was also hoping for more of an infused bacon flavor with the chocolate.  The texture was there, I was definitely eating small chunks of bacon (after the chocolate melts away – about consistency of a mouth full of “real” bacon bits) but I missed any semblance of real bacon flavor.*

I only ate the two squares above as I think this is a bar to be savored than any traditional candy bar.  I am really intrigued with how the salt and chocolate are working together.  Maybe as I finish the bar, I’ll find the bacon kick I was looking for.

Was it good?  Yeah, I think it was.  Did it meet expectations, not really.  But, if you LOVES the bacon, then you have to at least try it!

On my new PIGGY EATING BACON scale, I give the Mo’s Bacon Bar


* reviews are made with the understanding that I am not a chef nor do I have a sophisticated palate.  I am just a simple Midwest boy who digs on bacon (and chocolate).

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