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Nerd News…

It was a very busy week this week, but I was still able to nerd out quite a bit…here’s a quick breakdown:

Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Bros. settled dispute over the distribution rights to Watchmen, so it looks to still arrive in theaters on March 6th!

BEST EPISODE OF SMALLVILLE EVER this week as Clark met the founding members of the Legion of Super Heroes.  The ep was written by Geoff Johns and was, after 8 years, what I always hoped Smallville would be. Geoff is DC Comics’ hottest writer right now and I gladly spend a bunch of bucks each week to read his stuff.

BATMAN died this week (at least Bruce Wayne).  In a mini-series called Final Crisis, Batman took on Darkseid and was blasted by his Omega Beams.  The final panel of issue 6 of Final Crisis hearkened back to the original Crisis on Infinite Earths AND Batman: Death in the Family with a full panel shot of Superman cradling Batman’s shriveled body.

Speaking of Batman, I have been playing Lego:Batman on the PC and LOVE IT!!  I was a huge fan of the Lego: Star Wars games that came out about 2 – 3 years ago. I finished all levels today (both hero and villain) and now am going back to find all the hidden items.  Right now, I’ve completed / found 71%.

I have also been watching the new Batman: The Brave and the Bold cartoon on Cartoon Network and I got to tell you, I really dig it.  The art is pretty simple yet dynamic, the voice work convincing, the writing…well it is a kids cartoon.  But all in all, it’s entertaining!  What’s really cool is the shear number of characters they’ve introduced, some in a cartoon for the very first time.  Same sort of game plan as the last year of Justice League Unlimited.

The giant Lego Death Star that Better Half  got me for Christmas has been “completed”.  I am missing 3 pieces that are keeping me from calling this finished.  Ordered the spares from Lego.com.  It is real big!!  More on putting this beast together later this week.

Last but not least, watching the Ultimate Avengers animated feature tonight.  Both 1 and 2 are currently available On Demand.

Yup – I am 37 years old!!  And yes, I have had sex with a woman! ;-)

January 18, 2009   4 Comments