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The Boy who Cried Emergency…

I get back from that fateful trip to Wendy’s on Friday and begin to do my usual check of email when I see that I received a Facebook message from Suneil Singh (shout out!).  Suneil is the brother of my boy Sam Singh (SHOUT OUT!) who is currently 12 months into his 16 month trip around the world (check out his site at SinghAroundTheWorld.com – I built it ;-) ).

Anywho…here was Suneil’s message to me…

“Emergency – baird, we need to talk asap. holla. XXX-XXX-XXXX” (number left off to protect the innocent)

Okay, a few things here:

  • Earlier that week, Sam sent me his revised insurance information.
  • Sam was now traveling to South Africa
  • You could count the number of times Suneil ever emailed / called me on one hand with all five fingers cut off.
  • His email said “EMERGENCY”

So I start freakin’ out…is everything okay?  What happened to Sam?  Is he hurt?  What type of care do they have in whatever city he’s in? Do I have to shut down his site?  What do we tell people?

I grab the phone and dial frantically…it rings…Suneil picks up and says “Let me call you back in five.”  “Okay” I reply and we hang up.

Now I am really going into emotional overdrive…who’s he talking to?  His parents?  The hospital?  The South African consulate?

So 10 minutes pass and he calls back.

“Hey, I’ve been reading your blog and I have some ideas for you…”

Seems he was writing down a bunch of suggestions and erased his email, so in a hurry, he reached out to get a hold of me while everything was fresh in his head.

Now Suneil..I truly appreciate a long time blogger like yourself taking a interest in my little piece of the interwebs.  Your suggestions were great for future content and I’ll be adding some of them rather quickly.  BUT DUDE!!!  In hindsight, the “holla” should have tipped things to the casual…but REALLY!!!

So that – you could say – was my first bacon induced HEART ATTACK!

January 19, 2009   1 Comment

Goin’ to the Market…Week 2

Weekly Deals for Detroit Area Stores – 1/19/09:*

Kroger -Private Selection Center Cut (2 for $6 / 16 oz.)

Meijer – Meijer Sliced Bacon ($1.89  – regular 16oz., center cut 12oz.)

Hiller’s – Oscar Mayer ($3.99 your choice – original & low salt 16oz., center cut & all natural 12oz.)

Busch’s – No advertised bacon deals this week.

Go Get Some!!

Need to see another store on the list…let me know!

* I don’t believe in Wal-Mart, so if you grocery shop there, you’ll have to find out about the specials your own self!

January 19, 2009   2 Comments