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Makin’ Bacon – Oscar Mayer Center Cut

As January 1st approached, I began to work on some content for this new site.  That meant consumption!

I eat a lot of bacon, across multiple brands (usually whatever was on-sale when I went to the grocery store). One of the first things I thought about in terms of content was to do regular “reviews” of what I bought!

So today, we kick off my “Makin’ Bacon” reviews* with Oscar Mayer Center Cut!


First the packaging.  It comes in a resealable container.  At first I thought that this was pretty handy, you wouldn’t have to cook the whole pound, just a few slices at a time.  But then I remembered, I always cook the whole package!  Why would I need to keep uncooked bacon fresh?  If you are one of those people who can resist temptation or don’t have a large family where you’d cook the whole package, you’d appreciate this.

The 16oz. package I had provided 16 slices.  They were pretty evenly sliced, but short (center cut and all).

So…in the oven!  I cook ALL bacon on two foil lined tray at 425 degrees for 12-16 minutes (I always peak to check color…if it’s really fatty bacon, it cooks a little faster).  I use two sheets so that all the bacon cooks evenly (if you just put the slices on the tray that the first batch was cooked in, the fat makes it easy to overcook).


You can see from the image above that it didn’t quite cook evenly.  This cut didn’t have as much fat on it, so you can see where the meat side didn’t cook evenly with the fatty side.

Eating a slice, it had a nice smoke flavor to it.  The fat melted nicely, but because it cooked uneven, there were little corners where it was a little chewy.  Also, given it’s size, it really doesn’t make for a “hearty, meaty breakfast accompaniment.”

It is however perfect for sandwiches.


I decided to have this batch for lunch.  You can see how well the individual slices fit on bread.  After cooling and placing in the fridge for about an hour, the bits that weren’t quite done firmed up.

Center cut is supposed to be “premium” cut and it cost a good $2 – 3.00 more than regular cut bacon.  Thing is that buying good long strips of regular cut bacon, you’d essentially double the volume of bacon and pay less.  Sure there may be more fat on the slice, but that should help it cook evenly.

Good on sandwiches, not a bad taste but had to pay more for it, it cooked unevenly and the slices were really small. Oscar Mayer Center Cut Bacon, I give you five PIGGIES EATING BACON.


* as has been stated previously, reviews are made with the understanding that I am not a chef nor do I have a sophisticated palate.  I am just a simple Midwest boy who digs on bacon.


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