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Nerd News…Week 2

Well last week I was super nerdy.  This week, not much…

I did spend Thursday in front of the TV with that stomach virus, but I just got caught up on “Top Chef” and a really old episode of “Bones“.  There was an interesting special on Air Force One on History Channel, but I don’t remember too much of it.

I am enjoying “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” cartoon series on Cartoon Network.

Ohhhh, like my show you do?

Ohhhh, like my show you do?

I know the movie was crud, but that was because they tried to take three 22 minutes episodes and squeeze them together as a theatrical.  The series is really crisp with some interesting story lines. Even the two episodes that have had Jar Jar in them weren’t that bad.  The one thing I am surprised about though is the body count.  I know they are clones and hence dispensable in war, but is this not a kids show?

No time for video games this week, so nothing new there.

My missing Lego pieces came in on Friday, so the Death Star is FINALLY COMPLETE!  More on that this week.

There is a new “Watchmenviral campaign that launched this week.  This site features a really cool 70′s newscast clip about Dr. Manhattan.

I did get time to read the second volume of “Ex Machina“.  Written by Brian K. Vaughan (also author of “Y: The Last Man” – a MUST read, seriously!), it’s the story of an engineer who accidentally becomes a superhero, ends up saving one of the twin towers during 9-11 and goes on to become the mayor of New York.  It is a great read and one that I am sorry to say I didn’t pick up on when it first came out.  Thank the maker for graphic novels.

The only other thing is to figure out what nerd stuff I will be putting in my new office at work.  TOMCAR has been sharing office space with another company and we’ve all sort of been intertwined.  We’re sort of formalizing space in the building now and the side we are taking included enough office space for yours truly to get his own little office.  It’s great cause it’s right on the corner of the building and has two walls of glass!! But two walls of glass also equals a cold room in the middle of January.  Oh well, price to pay.

Here’s hoping for a more nerdy week this week!

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To Crumble or Not to Crumble…

that is the question.  At least for today!

I call this the “Quizno’s Conundrum” as it was while watching my Quizno’s sandwich being created, I noticed that my Honey Bacon Club was made with a handful of crumbled bacon.  How did I not know this before?  I have been eating Quizno’s for over 10 years and it is almost ALWAYS the exact same sandwich – the Honey Bacon Club.  Crumbled bacon?

Now I understand why you would use crumbled bacon.  From a food service standpoint, I bet the crumbled bacon goes much further than strip bacon and it is easier to store and ship.  Crumbled bacon allows for you get more “bacon flavor” across the entire sandwich…but does it really?

Does bacon crumbled – especially when it’s paired with ham, turkey, lettuce, tomato and their honey french dressing – even stand out at all.  You don’t see strips extending from your sandwich, you can’t really smell it, there’s nothing crisp in your bite, no audible crunch.  Does the bacon even exist if you can’t experience it with any of your senses?


Now, I will continue eating at Quizno’s (I do like the oven roasting, there is one right by my office and the sandwiches are now pretty cheap) but I am really torn over this use/misuse of bacon.  Might be time to switch to an Italian…

January 25, 2009   1 Comment