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Quizno’s is running a promotion on their website where by signing up for their mailing list, they will send you a coupon for a FREE small sub.quiznos20logoHead over to their website and get your sub – http://www.millionsubs.com/Reg.php?x=1

With a Quizno’s literally a stone’s throw away from the office, you know I got mine already.  Go get me a “Honey Bacon Club”.

They say that it’s a million sub giveaway…right now, they are just under 1/4 mil.

Figure a sandwich cost Quizno’s about $1.50 in product cost…I’d pay that for a “qualified” name. I’d like that cost to be a little lower, but if they convenience enough redeemers to buy a soda, chips, cookies, etc., then this bad boy pays for itself and they get good publicity.

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Nerd News…Week 6

While I thought this week would have been more nerdy…it wasn’t til the weekend were I finally got a few good nerd licks in.

Two things from this last week:

1) I discovered the new X-Men cartoon on NickToons Network.  I had no idea they had a new Nick channel and as I was surfing for ANYTHING but the Pistons slaughter in Cleveland to watch on Saturday night, I ran into this channel and their mini-marathon of “Wolverine and the X-Men“.


When growing up (say in college) they had a pretty solid X-Men cartoon on Fox for about 4 or 5 years.  The animation was crap, but the stories were pretty deep and pulled straight from the comic book.  I have to say, after watching seven episodes, this one is pretty good too!  The animation is much better, there is some computer work with vehicles (like on the new “Batman: The Brave and the Bold“) but it’s pretty limited.  The cartoon is episodic, but you can still get a decent pay-off if you saw them as stand alones.  I added it to the DVR.  If you are nerdy, like the X-Men and get NickToons Network…then watch!  Here’s the promo clip…


Then on Sunday, my brother and his wife came over to the house.  My brother brought a gift…it was my VERY FIRST STAR WARS FIGURE CASE!!!  And inside were 39 original figures from all three of the first movies including my very first Chewbacca AND Tuskin Raider!  He said he found it in a box of stuff he’d been carrying around with him for years.  Oh happy day!

I never did get back on the computer to play Lego: Batman…but soon my pretty…soon…

Until next week!

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Goin’ to the Market…Week 7

Weekly Deals for Detroit Area Stores  - 2/23/09:*

Kroger - Kroger Bacon, Any Variety, 16 oz. (2 for $5 w/ card)

Meijer - Thorn Apple Valley Sliced Bacon, 16 oz. (2 for $5)

Hiller’s – Nothing Advertised This Week

Busch’s – Nothing Advertised This Week

Go Get Some!!

Need to see another store on the list…let me know!

* I don’t believe in Wal-Mart, so if you grocery shop there, you’ll have to find out about the specials your own self!

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There’s this little Belgium restaurant / pub in Royal Oak, MI called Bastone’s.  It’s quickly becoming a default place for when my boss and I have to entertain co-workers or partners from out of town.  They have a very interesting menu and make all their own beer (which is quite tasty!).

So yesterday, we had the folks from TOMCAR Australia* in town and we all went out for dinner at Bastone’s.  We took way to long to decide our mains as we were engaged in beer consumption and conversation.  So we finally get to ordering and I start scrambling because I barely looked at the menu (the only thing I saw was that they changed their mac & cheese where before it was this GREAT black truffle mac & cheese to now a spinach and artichoke mac & cheese…yuck!).  Boss man orders a pizza and I think quickly, that sounds good, so my eyes quickly scan the pizza section and I see the word “bacon”.  So of course, what do I order?  The bacon pizza.

The pizza’s are individual 12″ pies, a good size for me.  I can typically put down a whole pizza from CPK and those are about the size.  This pizza was soooooooo rich however, I only could eat three slices!!! (SHOCK!!!) Don’t get me wrong, it was delicious, it was just a little to decadent.  It was made with a white sauce, fontana cheese, bacon and caramelized onions.  There were real good size slices of bacon on the pie with pretty even coverage.  The way that bacon and fontana blended, with the cheese taking in the bacon grease as it cooked…YUMMY!

I feel compelled to give Bastone’s, for this pizza only……


Eight piggies eating bacon!  While it was delicious, with all that richness it was just a little too much!
* It seems I have a bacon compatriot from the land down under.  I will be sharing his “Bacon Chronicles” in the coming weeks.

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BLT Video Game…

Ah, a late afternoon bacon time-waster!

bltbaconlettucetomato - click thru for link.

How many BLT’s can you make?  It’s harder than you might think.

Developed by Game Jacket.

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Two Great Tastes…


Now this is an event I could support!  Bourbon and Bacon!  It’s like chocolate and peanut butter!

Click through to watch the video…

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No worries…last night I finally was able to install wordpress to my domain. I was using wordpress.com and redirecting the blog to thedailybacon.com. Now, through wordpress.org, the program now sits directly on my domain! YEAH!

This will allow me to play with the CSS to create my own design and hopefully open up a lot more widgets to play with.

Anyone a wordpresser who can provide some tips…I’d love to hear what you have to say!

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Surf the Net…with BACON!

Best Web App EVER!!!
This places a slice of delicious bacon in your web browser

The Daily Bacon – Baconized!tdb_wbacon

How about some bacon with today’s headlines?usatoday_wbacon

Sports…better with bacon!espn_wbacon

and even Vegetarians can get into the bacon game…


Check out the creator’s blog!


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While I was gone, this little blog hit a small milestone (at least for me).

Last Thursday, “The Daily Bacon” had it’s 1,000 page view!  All in just six little weeks, SNIFF!, TEAR!

Thank you to everyone for stopping by!  Tell your friends… ;-)

February 16, 2009   2 Comments

Nerd News…Week 5

or “How Baird Got His Nerd Back!”

So a much better week in Nerd News for me.  I got myself FOCUSED and came at it with a new found dedication to nerdiness!!  I have not been nerdy for so long now that I just had to get myself back in the game!

In “Watchmen” News…they release this incredible little game on their website.  Stuff like this really gets by nerd juices flowing!!  I got caught up in it and played this for about 20 minutes in my office on Thursday (shhhh).  Between things like this and what is being updated everyday on “The New Frontiersmen” site…it’s just AWESOME.  I told Better Half to get a sitter now so we can get to the movie the weekend it opens.  Since we’ve had Lil’ Baird, I haven’t stepped foot in a theater.  I even missed “Quantum of Solace“.  I will NOT miss this movie in the theater!!!

It was clean out the DVR weekend as I watched:

  • Batman: Brave and The Bold- good episode with Despero and the Green Lantern Corp, caught up
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars – three episodes, caught up
  • Psych – two episodes, caught up
  • The F Word – six episodes (more on this later)
  • Leverage - one episode, not caught up yet
  • 30 Rock – two episodes, caught up
  • The Office
  • Burn Notice – two episodes, caught up
  • Lost (this show is SO ROCKIN’ THIS SEASON!)
  • Top Chef
  • Dirty Jobs - four episodes, caught up (one was a show on animal rendering – DO NOT watch if you are eating!)

It’s really easy to blow through the DVR when there really is no sports on TV.  No MSU basketball, no Pistons…freed up a lot of time.

When I got back home last Thursday, I had a new box of comics waiting for me as well.  Now usually when I get my new books (bi-weekly) I sit down immediately and can get through almost all of them in one, maybe two nights.  Being so busy with work, I still had a stack from the shipment before I needed to get through.  In between all that TV watching, I knocked out all about 12 books, getting me just into this weeks shipment.  I should be caught up by Tuesday night!  One good book I got this week was the first part of Neil Gaiman’sWhatever Happened to the Cape Crusader” story running in “Batman“.  Neil is a terrific fantasy / comic writer.  You may have seen his name lately as the writer of the new movie “Coraline“.  A quick aside, the producer of “Coraline”, Bill Mechanic is a Michigan State grad.  In the movie, the dad is seen wearing a MSU sweatshirt!  GO GREEN!)


I am also try to catch up this week with all the news from the New York Comic Con that happened last week and the International Toy Fair going on right now.  I was lucky to attend both of these events last year with Fathead.  This year, just picking up what nuggets I can from the blogosphere!

No video games this week…but I am determined to get back to playing Lego Batman.

February 16, 2009   3 Comments