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I’m an IDIOT! Take 2


It was just pointed out to me by Kathleen (SHOUT OUT) that I spelled Idiot wrong in the title of the last post!


Truly, truly an idiot.

Aside from that, my personal nightmare had a happy ending tonight.  After destroying the house and going through my luggage again like a DEA agent, I found my spare key!!  Better Half got me to the airport after work and I was able to bring the car home.

So the $$ tally – $120 for two cab rides, $32 for the extra parking and let’s call it $20 for gasoline back and forth from DTW twice.


Tomorrow – my slide show from the World Ag Show.  Then it’s back to savory bacon goodness!

February 12, 2009   No Comments

I’m an Idoit! Take 1…

It seems that while out at the World Ag Show, someone lost his car key! If that was all it wouldn’t be a big deal but my car key included the controls to my “integrated” car alarm. With no key to deactivate the alarm, I can not get the car out of the garage at DTW without towing it.

When I got home last night, I cabbed it to my house thinking that Better Half had the spare. Turns out it was just a valet key. I decided to try it anyway and took another cab back out to the airport this morning. Guess what….valet key doesn’t deactivate the alarm, so I can’t even get the car out of park let alone drive it. So I call a local VW dealer and they tell me I need to tow it to them so they can deactivate my alarm and then provide me with a new key. UGHHHHHH!!

So, here I sit back at DTW, my car stuck and I waiting for Better Half to pick me up after dropping Lil’ Baird at daycare so I can then go home and turn the whole place upside down to find that freakin’ spare key with alarm controls. If I can’t…then it’s the fee to tow the car to Livonia then having to pay service to deactivate the alarm. I’m easily looking at dropping over $300 (cab rides back and forth, extra parking, towing fee, potential overnight car rental and service fee) all because I couldn’t zip my car key into my briefcase!!!!

P.S. – I’ve labeled this “Take 1″ as I am sure as things move on, I will continue to make bone head mistakes…so consider this part of an ongoing series… ;-)

February 12, 2009   4 Comments