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Meat Madness Final Four…GO BACON!!

It’s official over at the So Good Blog.  Through weeks of voting the people have decided upon a FINAL FOUR of MEAT!

  • #1 seed Chicken from the Poultry Region
  • #1 seed Steak from the “Red” Meat Region
  • #1 seed BACON from the Pork Region
  • #6 Crab from the Seafood Region

So three #1′s and a #6. 

Honestly Crab is a questionable six seed.  Scallops somehow got the 2 seed in that region, followed by Salmon, Tuna and Shrimp.  I guess those others warranted a strong seed, but who would have thought that Crab would be a 6? 

In the FINAL FOUR it will be Chicken v. BACON and Steak v. Crab.  Tough, tough battles!  I think we may see some red meat fatigue and find Cinderella Crab advancing to face BACON in the finals!  I just don’t see Chicken beating Bacon…no way!!

Head over to sogoodblog.com and read their recap of the tourney so far and get ready to vote all this week!!






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