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Today…in Pig News…

Just a couple interesting sites to share with you.

First, this article from asylum.com - “Reclaiming the Swine – 10 Pigs We Will Always Love.”  While I agree with this list for the most part, I may have selected another famous oinker for number one.

Reading this article lead me to another link and I think a site that will soon become a favorite of mine – Suicide Food. This site is pure brilliance.  One of those “why didn’t I come up with that?” type of sites.  It documents depictions of animals that act as though they wish to be consumed.  Here’s an example:

photo via Suicide Food

It really is quite remarkable to see just how many food products/restaurants that feature animal representations of what they make/serve.  Most with freakish smiles on their faces.  Suddenly I’m aware…and that’s scary!

Have a great weekend.

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Kiss Me Baby…

Keepin’ with this mini theme that has developed this week around interesting Bacon products…I am now happy to give to you…


Bacon Lip Balm.

It was developed by the fine folks who created Bacon Salt (which I am finally buying and trying this weekend), so you know it has to be bacony.

So much more convienent that cooking bacon and rubbing a slice along those lips, isn’t that right ladies?  And more effective than this…


I know this photo has been passed all around the googleverse, but I just couldn’t resist! Better Half sent it to me a week ago… (SHOUT OUT!)

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