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Being “Green” and Bacon Fat?

greaseJust how exactly does living a “green” lifestyle and bacon fat have in common?  Allow me to direct your attention to this column from the “Traverse City Record-Eagle“.

So what has all this got to do with bacon grease, you ask? Well, we are suppose to save and conserve our resources and I consider bacon grease a resource. Most of today’s homemakers throw the bacon grease in the garbage or (heaven forbid) down the disposal. How “green” is that?

It gets better!  Go read it…

Back?  Good!

Sure I recycle, stopped using bags at the store, turn off my lights, etc, etc…but I could do more and I believe he’s on to something. Also considering some of the new recipes I want to try (like the bacon infused bourbon) I think it’s time I did my part and NOT PART with my bacon grease. (which I am sure will make Better Half real happy…)

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