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Comet Cafe – Is This Bacon Heaven?

Another great surprise from the Food Network last night.  I was catching up on the DVR and had a “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” ep that I decided to burn through.

The first restaurant featured was a bacon lovers dream – the Comet Cafe in Milwaukee.

Better Half was on the couch with me and even she asked me to hit rewind a couple times to see if we could duplicate his recipes.  God bless him, he was dropping bacon fat in everything!!

Again, I wish I could share video with you, but I’ve already documented my frustration with the Food Network’s and their lack of understanding “sharing”, so allow me to point you to this interview with the head chef of the Comet Cafe.

Here’s how it starts…

Hunger-smashing comfort food, an intimidatingly cool rock star waiting staff, and a cozy atmosphere are among the many calling cards for Comet Cafe. But it’s all window dressing next to the East side restaurant’s real star attraction, bacon. There’s the free bowls of bacon every Sunday. There’s the zesty bacon pancakes. There’s the bacon that comes in every bloody mary, one of the city’s best.  For a dollar we’ll put bacon on anything, says head chef Adam Lucks…

Yes, you read that – FREE BOWLS OF BACON EVERY SUNDAY!  Also I love the for a buck line…classic.

This place now goes on my list.