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Sunny Days…

This week the interwebs have been overwhelmed with muppet news as Sesame Street, the show many of us grew up with, turned 40!

From bouncing between one article to another, I came across these clips.  I don’t know what I must be smokin’ today, but I thought each of these were laugh out loud funny.  In fact, I did just that sitting at my desk and ended up with all my co-workers blankly staring at me.

So enjoy!  Happy Humpday everyone.

First – Elmo and Ricky Gervais.  Pure Brilliance!


How about this one…


“I can imagine I am a New York City taxi driver, an out-of-shape boxer or a cabbage…”

“Good source of Riboflavin.”

BWAHAHAHAHA!!!  I actually teared when he said that.

This last one is for Better Half…big Bocelli fan (Seriously, Andrea Frickin’ Bocelli on the Street). I will never hear this song the same way again.


“You’ve got a full day tomorrow, playing games, dancing and saying the alphabet…”

Maybe I won’t mind watching this with Lil’ Baird when she’s ready…


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