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Goin’ to the Market…Week 47

Here are your weekly bacon specials at Michigan grocery store chains for the week of 11/30 – 12/6/09. 


Kroger- Oscar Mayer Bacon, Any Variety, 12-16 oz. (BOGO w/card)

Meijer - Oscar Mayer Bacon, 12 – 16 oz. includes Center Cut ($2.69)

Busch’s - Smithfield Bacon, Select Varieties, 16 oz, (2 for $5)

Hiller’s - Smithfield Hardwood Bacon, 16 oz. ($2.79)

Hollywood - Thorn Apple Valley Bacon, 12 oz. (3 for $4)

VG’s - Smithfield Bacon, Assorted Varieties, 16 oz. ($2.79)

Glen’s Market - Smithfield Bacon, Assorted Varieties, 16 oz. ($2.79 w/ card)

D&W Fresh Market – Smithfield Bacon, Assorted Varieties, 16 oz. ($2.79)

Felpausch – Smithfield Bacon, Assorted Varieties, 16 oz. ($2.79)

SuperValu Foods – Hormel Black Label Bacon, 16 oz. (2 for $6)

Target - Archer Farms Bacon, 12 and 16 oz. ($2.99) 24 oz. ($3.99)

Please note, every store with in a chain is different and may not feature the same specials. When in doubt, check your individual store.

Need to see another store on the list? Let me know!

Go get some!

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Nerd News – Yes Virgina, There IS a Tauntaun Sleeping Bag!!

…and I got mine!!!!!

When I arrived home last night, I noticed the welcome mat on my front porch was leaning up over something.  I just assumed that my bi-weekly comic book order had arrived as this was the normal way the UPS guys leaves my packages.  I was half right, my books were delivered but also to my surprise I noticed a much larger box sitting with them.  The box was from ThinkGeek.

Oh boy…it was finally here!


You know you want to see this thing…so follow me after the jump.

[

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