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Nerd News – It’ll Do Sleepy Time in Less Than 12 Parsecs…

Welcome to the work week everybody.  Hope ya’ll had a great weekend.

We will get to bacon in just a little bit…first as I was rooting through the interwebs today, catchin’ up on all sort o’ news, this popped across my screen…


As if my Tauntaun sleeping bag wasn’t the coolest thing ever…then comes this!  A MILLENNIUM FALCON BED!!! KA-FREAKIN’-POW PEOPLE!!!  I am typing in caps not only to help convey my excitement but also because I AM SCREAMING IN MY HEAD!!! This thing is beyond cool (that would be nerd cool, not standard cool like most of you may be accustomed too).

Check out more photos of this custom work of geek good on their YouFace profile.


December 14, 2009   No Comments