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A Pig for You This New Year…

So driving into work today I heard a segment on NPR about foods that are seen as lucky in other cultures and they mentioned the pig.

Really?  Color me intrigued…(and thank you NPR for the blog topic)

To the google machine I went where I found all sorts of stories as well as swine-based good luck totems/charms.  Turns out that the pig symbolizes good luck, prosperity, thrift and savings. As thus, it has come to be a sign of riches and wealth across many cultures.


Pigs root only forward never backwards. They move swiftly and with determination towards whatever they are rooting for. Dreaming of Pigs usually denotes Good Fortune coming ones way.

The Pig in Chinese mythology is a symbol of honesty, tolerance, initiative and diligence.

In Germany when someone is lucky, it is customary to say “Ich Habe Schwein Gehabt” which means “I have had pig.”  This tradition dates back to hard times, when if you had a pig to feed your family, you were considered fortunate.

So if pigs are lucky and bring wealth and pigs give us bacon and bacon is the BEST cut of pork and given the amount of bacon that I have consumed this year, then I am bound to have a great year and make lots o’ money…right?!?

Dolla’ Dolla’ Billz Ya’ll!!

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