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Posts from — March 2010

Makin’ Bacon – Machine Gun Style…

You know, since starting this blog 15 months ago I have run into some pretty interesting “bacony” things but this…this…I really just don’t know what to say about this.

I think it’s how Chuck Norris makes his bacon…with a MACHINE GUN!!


That is cooked bacon inside there…sizzled to perfection purely by the heat of the barrel after busting out about 250 rounds.

See start to finish photos over at Everyday No Days Off.

I mean…wow…really…

March 31, 2010   1 Comment

My School’s in the Final Four…How About Yours?

via Spartan Sports Network

Wow – what a weekend.

So if you are new to the blog and haven’t caught up on all my previous posts (what are you waiting for – there is some good readin’ in here) I am a proud Michigan State graduate.  I love my school and cheer/suffer along with my sports teams.  Lately, we have had an embarrassment of riches when it comes to basketball and this weekend just added to that “legacy”.

Now I will be the first to admit I didn’t give them much of a chance this post season.  They ended the Big Ten campaign on a huge down note having to settle for a three-way tie for the conference championship (when they were up by THREE games at one point late in the regular season) and then had their typical conference tournament beat down/melt down.  Still, I am biased when it comes to these guys and figured we’d at least make the Sweet 16 (although in my heart I was ready for a loss against Maryland).

So here we are two weeks later and the Spartans, THE SPARTANS, are going back to the Final Four.  They are doing it after losing arguably their best player.  We are watching these kids literally mature in front of us and damn if it is not exciting!  Yes there was a LOT of screaming at the TV during all four games so far…I hate that we are playing so much of a perimeter game right now..we make some great defensive stops only to take quick, sloppy shots on the other end…but yet we somehow find a way to win.

Last night after the game I switch on ESPN News just so at the start of every half hour I could watch the highlights again.  I left the channel on for almost 4 hours.  I was just so happy!!

You got to be in it to win it right?  Well here we are!  Sixth time in 12 years.  Lines makers already have us as an underdog against Butler.  Great!  Keep underestimating us…keeps the pressure off.  I am so proud of my school, my program, my coach, my team!  Today is a good day.

Go Green!  Go White! Victory for MSU!!

March 29, 2010   1 Comment

Buddy TV – “Betty White is the New Bacon”

Abbey Simmons over at Buddy TV is making her case for why Betty White is the “New” Bacon…and I have to say, I agree with her arguement:

Some things exist not only because they’re delightful in their own right, but because they make everything better with their presence.

Bacon and Betty White are among these things.

You see, from our vantage point, bacon and Betty White make everything better. And a simple timeline confirms this truth.

Click on thru for the rest…

photo via Buddy TV

March 26, 2010   No Comments

Goin’ to the Market…V 1.11

Here are your advertised bacon specials at Michigan grocery store chains for the week of 3/22 – 3/28/10.

Let’s get to it… [

March 24, 2010   No Comments

Wha, wha, what???

I really needed a good laugh today and thanks to one of my favorite geek blogs, Topless Robot, I got one!

No bacon, but some great editing!  If you are a Star Wars nerd like me (Jason/Al I’m looking at you), $20 says this breaks you up.


May the force be with you…

March 23, 2010   No Comments

Last Night in Fashionable Ferndale…

Allow me to introduce you to this lovely young lady…

Her name is Tiffany.  I met her last night at Rosie O’Grady’s.  Isn’t she cute?!

Why is she here?  Because she loves bacon and was proud to tell me so. Indeed everything is better, including a night at the bar, with bacon! 

She also had what I thought was the best quote of the evening…

Sometimes you got to have out of town bacon.  But out of country bacon is the best.  Jamaican bacon, yum!

I’ll let each of you decipher that quote for yourselves.  Was bacon all she was talking about?!? Hmmmmm. Anywho, I just thought it was brilliant.

To which I said…

Jamaican me bacon mon

Because I’m in marketing and am creative like that.  Come on, you know that’s clever…

Yes people, this is what a night out with me is like these days. 

But wait Michael, how do we even know that you actually went out last night?  Well, look closely…


KA-POW!  There’s that bald head.  Look at me going all CSI with this picture.

Tiffany, it was great meeting you!  Thanks for reading the blog.

Have a great weekend everyone.

March 20, 2010   No Comments

Bacon Pic of the Day – Bacon Always Wins!

For many, myself included, this entire weekend is treated as a holiday!  Let the tournament begin…(and please don’t let Michigan State fall into the dreaded 5 / 12 trap).

photo via bbqaddicts.com

March 18, 2010   No Comments


As everyone is frantically filling out brackets, allow me to invite you to join the ONE tournament challange that pays the winner in BACON (and sausage).

IntentionalFoul.com is holding a bracket challenge that gives new meaning to the phase “bracket buster”…or really in this case “belly buster”.

Pick your teams, follow the games and should you emerge the victor of their tournament you will win a BACON EXPLOSION!!


Yes my friends, a Bacon Explosion.

Now I know what you are saying to yourself…you’re saying…

“Self, how does one enter for a chance to win this spectacular gastronomical wonder?”

Follow this link to their Yahoo! group, fill out your bracket and BAM, you are set.

If the link doesn’t work for any reason, their group ID# is 71753. Password: letmein 

Bacon (and sausage) lovers UNITE!  Sign up tonight!!!

Photo via Tampa Bay Online / Illustration by Chris Taylor.

March 17, 2010   No Comments

Goin’ to the Market…V 1.10

Here are your advertised bacon specials at Michigan grocery store chains for the week of 3/15 – 3/21/10.

If this lil’ guy is as tasty as he is cute…then that’s gonna be some good eatin’ ;-)  Let’s get to it… [Read more →]

March 16, 2010   No Comments

Twitter Updates for 2010-03-15

  • It's time to leave the madness of indy behind… #
  • Note to the state of Indiana…I love Blue Oyster Cult as much as the next guy, but enough already. #

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