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As everyone is frantically filling out brackets, allow me to invite you to join the ONE tournament challange that pays the winner in BACON (and sausage).

IntentionalFoul.com is holding a bracket challenge that gives new meaning to the phase “bracket buster”…or really in this case “belly buster”.

Pick your teams, follow the games and should you emerge the victor of their tournament you will win a BACON EXPLOSION!!


Yes my friends, a Bacon Explosion.

Now I know what you are saying to yourself…you’re saying…

“Self, how does one enter for a chance to win this spectacular gastronomical wonder?”

Follow this link to their Yahoo! group, fill out your bracket and BAM, you are set.

If the link doesn’t work for any reason, their group ID# is 71753. Password: letmein 

Bacon (and sausage) lovers UNITE!  Sign up tonight!!!

Photo via Tampa Bay Online / Illustration by Chris Taylor.


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