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My School’s in the Final Four…How About Yours?

via Spartan Sports Network

Wow – what a weekend.

So if you are new to the blog and haven’t caught up on all my previous posts (what are you waiting for – there is some good readin’ in here) I am a proud Michigan State graduate.  I love my school and cheer/suffer along with my sports teams.  Lately, we have had an embarrassment of riches when it comes to basketball and this weekend just added to that “legacy”.

Now I will be the first to admit I didn’t give them much of a chance this post season.  They ended the Big Ten campaign on a huge down note having to settle for a three-way tie for the conference championship (when they were up by THREE games at one point late in the regular season) and then had their typical conference tournament beat down/melt down.  Still, I am biased when it comes to these guys and figured we’d at least make the Sweet 16 (although in my heart I was ready for a loss against Maryland).

So here we are two weeks later and the Spartans, THE SPARTANS, are going back to the Final Four.  They are doing it after losing arguably their best player.  We are watching these kids literally mature in front of us and damn if it is not exciting!  Yes there was a LOT of screaming at the TV during all four games so far…I hate that we are playing so much of a perimeter game right now..we make some great defensive stops only to take quick, sloppy shots on the other end…but yet we somehow find a way to win.

Last night after the game I switch on ESPN News just so at the start of every half hour I could watch the highlights again.  I left the channel on for almost 4 hours.  I was just so happy!!

You got to be in it to win it right?  Well here we are!  Sixth time in 12 years.  Lines makers already have us as an underdog against Butler.  Great!  Keep underestimating us…keeps the pressure off.  I am so proud of my school, my program, my coach, my team!  Today is a good day.

Go Green!  Go White! Victory for MSU!!

March 29, 2010   1 Comment