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BEST TROPHY EVER…The Slab of Bacon!

I was tailgating this weekend up at Michigan State (how ’bout that fake field goal?!) when longtime friend and regular reader of “The Daily Bacon“, Woody (SHOUT OUT), completely called me out for not knowing about what is probably the coolest traveling trophy ever…

This is the Wisconsin – Minnesota “The Slab of Bacon”.  From Wikipedia:

The Slab of Bacon was created in 1930 as a way for the universities to commemorate their rivalry. The Slab of Bacon was a piece of black walnut wood carved with a football topped by a letter W or M, depending on which angle one is looking at it. It was carved by Dr. R. B. Fouch of Minneapolis. Scores of each Wisconsin–Minnesota game were printed on the back of the trophy. When the trophy changed hands, it was presented to the winning school by a sorority from the losing school.

The trophy passed between the Gophers and Badgers for 14 seasons, from 1930 – 1943.  I say passed but really it just sort of stayed in Minnesota with the Gophers winning 11 of those games (9 in a row).

It was after the 1943 game that the Minnesota coach refused to accept the trophy.  He felt that such trophies should be “out of duration” during World War II.  It later disappeared to eventually be replaced with the famed “Paul Bunyon’s Axe”.

Found in a storage room at the Wisconsin Athletic Department during renovations of Camp Randall  in 1994, it currently resides in the Badger’s football offices.  Strangely enough, while it was thought “lost” since 1943, all the scores between the two school from 1930 until 1970 are recorded on it’s back.  Hmmmmmm.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention Woody!  Keep reading and we’ll see you at homecoming!


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