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WTH Denny’s…Baconalia?!?

So yesterday while on the road, the family decided to stop and get breakfast at Denny’s.  I am and will remain a big fan of the “make your own slam”.

Anywho, we walk in and I’m greeted by this:

WHAT???  How did I not know about this “Baconalia“?  I missed it, all the FoTDB* missed it, no Google alerts, no Facebook posts…WTH!!!

This “Celebration of Bacon” includes seven new menu items, featured here (a little blurry) on this table card:

So here’s what cookin’:

  • Triple Bacon Sampler – just what it says, three types of bacon (one’s turkey bacon though so doesn’t really count)
  • Ultimate Bacon Breakfast – with six slices
  • Bacon Flapjacks – self explanitory
  • Pepper Bacon & Eggs – again, self explanitory
  • Bacon Meatloaf – yup, see above
  • BBLT Sandwich – a bacon, bacon, lettuce & tomato
  • Maple Bacon Sundae

They even went the extra step and printed specific menus for the promotion:


So there you go.  If you got a hankerin’, just slide on over to Denny’s and get your bacon on!

* after writing this, ONE lone voice spoke up to tell me about the promo.  Thanks Stephanie (SHOUT OUT)!