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Boise’s Bacon Bike…

artist rendition…couldn’t find actual photo on file.

Boise’s just got a heck of a lot cooler in my mind. Not quite yet ready to plan a trip but…

From the Boise Weekly:

John Berryhill’s brunch/lunch venture Bacon is offering free delivery in downtown Boise on its Bacon Bike. Now you can pork out on dishes like the Kurobuta bacon mac or the chevre bechamel-filled bacon lasagna without leaving your desk. Apparently, pigs don’t need to fly when they’ve got a slick pair of wheels. 

Okay, two things here  a) There is a restaurant named Bacon (menu link here – it is glorious)  and 2) they deliver food to you on their “bacon bike”.

Berryhill in Boise bringing bacon on his bike!  My new favorite tongue twister.

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