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BEST OF TDB | Nerd News – Yes Virgina, There IS a Tauntaun Sleeping Bag!!

We are away on vacation until July 12th.  Until then, please enjoy these selected “Best Of” posts.  This was originally published on 12/1/2009.

..and I got mine!!!!!

When I arrived home last night, I noticed the welcome mat on my front porch was leaning up over something.  I just assumed that my bi-weekly comic book order had arrived as this was the normal way the UPS guys leaves my packages.  I was half right, my books were delivered but also to my surprise I noticed a much larger box sitting with them.  The box was from ThinkGeek.

Oh boy…it was finally here!


You know you want to see this thing…so follow me after the jump.

I can not begin to tell you how excited I was…when I first saw this I immediately thought it was one of the best ideas I have ever seen in regards to Star Wars merchandise.  One of those why haven’t they thought of this before type things.  My heart literally broke a bit when I found out that this was just a April Fool’s joke by ThinkGeek.  But then something really cool happened.  So many of my nerdy brethren flooded ThinkGeek with requests for this product that they actually got LucasFilm to approve the concept and then fast tracked production.  Now it is a glorious reality!!

Let’s get that box open…


Hmmm, an envelope on the top of the box.  What’s in there?


Let me read this to you:

Thank you for your purchase of a genuine Tauntaun sleeping bag suitable for surviving the harsh climate of the planet Hoth.

The Tauntaun sleeping bag is a ThinkGeek invented product originally conceived as an elaborate April Fools joke. Only through your enthusiasm and support was ThinkGeek able to make this product a reality. We bow to your superhuman Star Wars fanboy/girl abilities. We hope it helps you stay alive after a deadly Wampa attack and encourages you to educate others about the best Star Wars movie ever, “The Empire Strikes Back”.


Your Friends at ThinkGeek

Awe to the some!  Nice touch.


hehehehehehe (that is my giddy schoolgirl laugh)


LOOK AT THAT!!!!  Come on, how cool is that?!?  I got a smile on my face right now just looking at this picture.


What I didn’t expect was just how big it was.  Friends, I am 6′ 5″ and this thing FITS ME!!! (Yes of course I immediately got inside this thing, what else would you expect?)

Two of the real neat touches:




and a LIGHTSABER ZIPPER PULL!!  Now you too can be Han Solo and slice open the belly of the beast…

Let me tell you something, this thing is truly fantastic.  It’s a heavy and plush feeling fleece exterior.  The interior and the Tauntaun head pillow is well stuffed and quite comfortable.  Stitching is solid.  This is a well manufactured item and sure to get plenty of use down in the Star Wars basement!  Better Half already fell asleep in it last night.




Nightie night!

Yes I am a MONUMENTAL GEEK/NERD!  I know that and embrace it completely.  I can not even begin to tell you how giddy I was yesterday and how happy this sleeping bag makes me!  It is just so fun.  This to me is what Star Wars merchandise should be about and it has quickly become (in less than one day) one of my most prized possessions.

Want one?  Get one.  ThinkGeek – $99.00.  (ON BACK ORDER)

May the Force be with you. ;-)

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1 Gary { 07.16.12 at 7:10 pm }

Finally another tall geek..I was always worried I would order one and it would reach my belly..thanks for the info…

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