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Bringin’ Up a Bacon Ninja Baby…

Went to Redcoat Tavern for burgers tonight…BEST, BURGER, EVER!  Seriously, right at the top of the list…

Bad photo of GREAT burger.

So two things came out of Lil’ Baird’s mouth tonight that just filled me with joy:

“Daddy, can I eat some of your bacon?”

Then gettin’ out of the car at home:

“Daddy, let’s be ninjas!”

*** BEAM ***

Hope you all are having a great night!

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1 Jeremy Bacon Yancey { 03.05.12 at 1:00 am }

Hum, I hope you set your child straight and told them to go get some of Mommies! My boys know better than trying to get bacon off my plate!

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