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Posts from — April 2012

Hi There…Nice to See you Again…and I Brought a Recipe…

Allow me to re-introduce myself. My name is Michael Baird and I’m the author / founder of this magnificent blog about all things bacon and some occasional nerdy stuff.

I just thought I’d throw that out there seeing as I haven’t been around much lately. ;-)

So how you doin’?

Me – my head is molting from gettin’ my melon burnt in Florida, I’ve got some type of bronchial infection, and I’m once again in a hotel this week after spending the weekend moving my entire house into the basemen tso some guy can come in and redo our floors. Not that I’m complaining mind you, I got it pretty good all things considered, I just want to be honest.

So where does all this leave us this week on The Daily Bacon? Well, giveaways need to wait one more week (as they are all packed in a box in the basement). If your not a fan on Facespace, get over there and like us ASAP so you don’t get left out. Other than that, we’ll be getting back to providing all of you, my 10′s of readers, with the bacon goodness you have come to expect from this little corner of the interwebs.

Let’s begin with this tasty little recipe I found today, courtesy of the blog Pink Parsley (but inspired by Rick Bayless):

Bacon-Chipolte Guacamole


  • 4 strips of bacon, preferably thick-cut, applewood-smoked bacon
  • 3 ripe avocados (about 1 1/4 lbs)
  • 1/3 cup finely chopped white onion
  • 3 canned chipotles en adobo – seeds removed optional – finely minced
  • 1 tomato, cored, seeded, and finely chopped
  • 1/4 cup chopped cilantro
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • juice of 1 lime
  • kosher salt to taste


Well, if you can’t figure out how to throw all these together, then you’ll have to pop on over to their site.

See you all tomorrow!

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I’m a Bad Blogger…

Sorry gang, yesterday I was going to regale you with bacon and nerdery from Disney this last week but Lil’ got me sick…I’m knocked on my arse!

I also promised some giveaways on the Facespace page and still haven’t got to those yet. UGH!

I will make it up to you this next week, but for now, please enjoy this bacon pron.

Have a great weekend!

photos via

April 27, 2012   No Comments

While I Was Away…

Some dude in Japan decided to try to eat a bacon Whopper with 1,050 slices of bacon on it…yes, that is right…1,050!


No really, I like bacon, heck I write a blog about bacon and how much I like it in it’s many forms but really…REALLY!?! Dude…DUDE…just stop.

Notes on Disney World tomorrow, just got home and I’m beat.

April 25, 2012   No Comments

Happiest Place on Earth…

Better Half and I surprised Lil’ with a quick five dayer to Disneyworld.  We just got settled into the Pop Century resort with a character breakfast bright and early tomorrow. It’s Lil’s first time and our first since 2000, so there were two very excited ladies in my family.

Rest assured, where we find Disney bacon, we’ll be reporting! (also, first time I get to ride the new Star Tours, so I’ll be nerding out a bit too).

Have a great weekend everyone!  I know we will…

photo via

April 20, 2012   No Comments

Bacon Boutique – Dare to Dream…


To whom do we owe this wonderful image?  A Mr. Matt Needham (SHOUT OUT), that’s who.  His pork inspired art is on sale over at Shirt.Woot! $15 bucks…that’s a bargin people!

April 19, 2012   No Comments

Bacon, The Comic Book!

Once again in “World’s Collide” news…two of my favorite things, this time comic books and bacon, are coming together to create something awesome!

Allow me to introduce you to Bacon: The Comic Book

Is this a good idea? No…I say it’s a great idea! What do you say TDBers, should we help these kids out?

Pop on over to their Kickstarter page and make your support known. They’ve got a lot of cool things they’re willing to provide for your cold, hard cash. Even an option for someone to “appear” in the comic (you know, my birthday is coming up…)

You can follow them on Facespace as well.


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And We’re Back….

Sorry TDBers…I had a brain fart and it closed up my little corner of the interwebs over the weekend.

The credit card I had my auto payments for my host had expired and I didn’t think to update my record.  Of course, I only noticed the site went down Friday night and my host provider’s billing department is only open M-F (they really need to think about “fixing” that).

But we are BACK baby!  We shouldn’t have any problem for the next two years ;-)

To make up for my little mistake, I’ve got some giveaways this week (we’ll do some here and some on Facespace), so pop on back later!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

photo via I can’t remember – if this was yours let me know and I’ll give you credit!

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Burger King is Pullin’ Out the Bacon Guns…

It was reported by GrubGrade yesterday and has blown through the interwebs today. Burger King is testing several new menu items in Nashville as we speak and one of them is…

Yes, a bacon sundae.  Vanilla ice cream alongside a strip of bacon and drizzled in bacon bits, chocolate and caramel.

That’s a photo of the “actual” sundae (via).

I’m really mixed on this, should it hit wide release.  Looking at it, I’m happy they are using real bacon bits, that big strip sticking out of the cup is brilliant and the chocolate AND caramel is a good idea, but…

Haven’t we been down this path before?  Denny’s? Jack-in-the-Box?  Not to mention that with BK’s big, new push for a revamp of their menu featuring more healthier (fresher) fare is this really the best thing to be rollin’ out right now?

Regardless, if it does hit you know I’ll at least try it!  Heck, I owe BK another “Fast Food Friday” review since they’ve upgraded their pork strips a few months ago.

TDBers in Nashville…if you get your hands on one, let us know what you think!

April 11, 2012   No Comments

Something Happy for a Tuesday – Caine’s Arcade…

I am knee deep in bacon related stuff to bring to all of you, my 10′s of fans, but after seeing this today I pushed it all aside so I could share what  is the happiest thing I have seen in a while…


I can’t believe I hadn’t come across this sooner, but if Felicia Dey just found it then I don’t feel so bad!

We should all want to play at Caine’s Arcade!

Hope this put a smile on your face and I’ll see you tomorrow.

April 10, 2012   No Comments

Bringin’ Up a Bacon Baby – Worst Bacon Toy EVER!

It was a family shopping Sunday last week and we found ourselves in Buy Buy Baby.

Lil’ wanted to go check out the toys so off we went.  Next thing I know, I see this wooden breakfast…

What the hell is that thing on the left?  Is that…no, it’s got to be something else.  Let’s see sausage, boiled egg, fried egg, cheese, toast, salt, pepper, roll…they can’t be serious, they call that….BACON?????!!!!??????

Worse toy EVER!  I will no longer even think of purchasing anything from this company STRICTLY based on this poor excuse of wooden, toy bacon.


April 9, 2012   4 Comments