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Happy April Two’s Day…

April Fool’s Day is no fun on a Sunday.  No social chatter at all about all the fun things the interwebs is trying to trick you with.  Heck, it was 4:00 pm when I finally looked at my watch yesterday and realized that it was the 1st.  So here are three bacon (and nerd) related April Fool’s Day pranks that I found “amusing”.

First, this one was emailed to me in advance from Green Works. I have to admire the production value here.  The rep who sent me the note said she’d send some product coupons, but I’ve never received a reply from my email…

YouTube Preview Image

Second, this from Lowe’s Home Improvement’s Facespace page…

ANNOUNCING: New bacon scented air filters for your HVAC. A Lowe’s exclusive!

Now you can enjoy the smell of sizzling bacon — morning, noon and night. Read a recent customer review of this innovative new product at http://social.lowes.com/6Eq.

Be warned: Excessive salivation may occur.

and (c), it wouldn’t be April Fool’s without our friends at ThinkGeek getting our hopes up with yet another inspired fake product…

YouTube Preview Image

Now, ThinkGeek has found a way to bring these wonderful fakes to market (Tauntaun Sleeping Bag, My First Bacon), but somehow I just don’t think LucasFilm is going to go for this one (but if they do – count me in!).

So Happy April Two’s Day everyone…hope you had a great day!