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Burger King is Pullin’ Out the Bacon Guns…

It was reported by GrubGrade yesterday and has blown through the interwebs today. Burger King is testing several new menu items in Nashville as we speak and one of them is…

Yes, a bacon sundae.  Vanilla ice cream alongside a strip of bacon and drizzled in bacon bits, chocolate and caramel.

That’s a photo of the “actual” sundae (via).

I’m really mixed on this, should it hit wide release.  Looking at it, I’m happy they are using real bacon bits, that big strip sticking out of the cup is brilliant and the chocolate AND caramel is a good idea, but…

Haven’t we been down this path before?  Denny’s? Jack-in-the-Box?  Not to mention that with BK’s big, new push for a revamp of their menu featuring more healthier (fresher) fare is this really the best thing to be rollin’ out right now?

Regardless, if it does hit you know I’ll at least try it!  Heck, I owe BK another “Fast Food Friday” review since they’ve upgraded their pork strips a few months ago.

TDBers in Nashville…if you get your hands on one, let us know what you think!


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