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Posts from — May 2012

“The Power of Bacon”

It’s a virtual explosion of bacon songs (and by that I mean one song a day for the last two days).  What is this…”American Bacon 40“?


With NO apologies to Celine Dion, this song has never sounded better.

“Forget about sausage and ham!”  Powerful lyrics!

via the HuffPo

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“Rub Some Bacon On It!”

My new favorite thing…


This will be playing in my head over and over and over and over…


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How to Make the “Most Perfect Bacon Ever”…

Bacon is trending again (actually, when is it not?)! This time it’s due to this video from “America’s Test Kitchen” where they claim they have cracked the code for cooking bacon…


Now FoTDB* know that I have long preferred the baking method over frying, but I have to say that I am intrigued.  I feel our own “Test Kitchen” coming on.

If any of you crazy kids try this before me, let me know how things work out!

* friends of The Daily Bacon

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My Latest Lunch with Wendy’s…

That redhead with the strangely stiff pigtails invited me to her restaurant a few week’s back to try their newest sandwich – the Spicy Guacamole Chicken Club.  One thing lead to another and I just couldn’t get to the restaurant, that is until today! I planned my work travel today to take me right be a Wendy’s at lunch time.  Triumphantly I arrived just as planned and found…


Excuse me Mr. Manager behind the counter…do you still have the Spicy Guacamole sandwich.



(blank stare)

I guess I’ll try that Asiago Ranch Chicken Club then.

We still have the guacamole if you’d like, just not the pepper jack cheese.

Ok. Thanks!

And there you have it.  While initially invited to try one new sandwich, I get there sooooo late that I’m now trying ANOTHER new sandwich…but I gotta tell you, I’m glad I did.

This was a really tasty sandwich!

I’m not one to order chicken at a fast food joint, but I thought this was really good.  It had asiago, lettuce, tomato, ranch sauce, guac (at my request), and plenty of bacon!  I was very glad to see the small pile of pork laying over the cheese.  The chicken was moist and it had some good spice in the batter.  The sauce wasn’t overpowering, the guac very tasty (and chuncky) and a good bacon crunch in just about every bite.

I’ve been on the Wendy’s bandwagon for a while.  They had a decent “Fast Food Friday” score (although you wouldn’t know that after reading my review) and that was before the changed their bacon.  As the first big QSR to make the leap to thick cut bacon, I got some respect for them (even though the price of my Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger rose about 70%).  A sandwich like this keeps them on the top of my list.

Did my “invite” from Wendy’s affect this write up…not at all TDB’ers.  I hope you’ve come to know me better than that.  I just had a nice lunch, one that I’m sure I’ll be having again.

Care to try one?  I’ve got two $7.00 gift cards (just enough to get the combo) to Wendy’s that I’ll be giving away tomorrow on the TDB Facespace page…so pop on over.

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My New Favorite Thing…

“Moments of Timeless Pleasure” indeed!

My friends, I am getting nothing for this post…NOTHING!  But I am compelled to tell you just how absolutely amazing these little squares are!

When we were in Downtown Disney two weeks ago, Better Half wanted to grab a hot chocolate at the Ghirardelli store.  We pop in and there on the counter were these NEW bars.  Intrigued, I picked one up with my coffee and then proceeded to turn into Smigel…hovering over my precious!!!  Smigel likes his new chocolatessssss…

And then how great is Better Half? For my birthday last week, there was this lovely bag above waiting for me.

I know you kids enjoy the sweet and savory…so I know you will love these.

Now Ghirardelli, if you would like to reimbursement for this stellar endorsement, I wouldn’t mind another bag ;-)

You can grab a bag from their online store RIGHT NOW!

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Take that Taco Bell!


Tell you what Taco Bell…the minute you drop those Dorito shells and come to market with this bad boy, then I’ll be back to enjoy your sand meat.


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In Remembrance of Ronal Scites…

Today, May 4th, was my grandfather’s birthday.

On this day, every year since I started this blog, I have been re-posting this remembrance. Thank you for indulging me as I take time out to remember the man who profoundly shaped who I am today.


(Two Bald Dudes – circa 1998)

Ronal Willard Scites was born in West Virginia in 1921. A true “hillbilly”, he went barefoot in the mountains. He would tell us story after story that ended with him getting a switch across the backside, whether from a teacher or his parents. Grandpa liked to get in trouble a little. ;-)

He served in the Philippines during World War Two and found his way to Detroit when he returned home. He married Betty DeRush and stayed together until her death in 1987. They raised two daughters, Gail and Renee and lost one son at birth.

Grandpa went to work for the U.S. Postal Service and was a mailman for over 25 years. Eventually his back, injured during the war, would not allow him to continue doing the job he loved and he retired early. That didn’t stop him though…he finally found medical relief for his back and would end up working for yet another 25 years in some respect or another.

He didn’t travel outside of the U.S. after the war, but saw plenty of this country from the driver’s seat of his Chevy Impala. I remember many trips in the back end of his power blue boat!

When I was a child, I started calling him G.P. and that remains my name for him. He loved that nickname and would tell all the neighborhood kids to call him that.

He bought me my first baseball glove and many summer nights were spent in his lush, green backyard playing catch! I’d always try to throw the ball as hard as I could to make his glove snap and see him shake his hand as he did a little “ouch” dance.

Grandpa was very involved in the local Masonic organizations. He was a Mason, Eastern Star, a member of Scottish Rite and a Shriner. Through him, his daughters were introduced to the Masonic fraternity through Jobs Daughters and his grandchildren through Jobs and DeMolay.

He was the first person I wanted to tell everything too…I lived to make him proud! To see his smile meant the world to me.

To this day I have NEVER had pancakes as good as those he made!

He passed away (NOW) four and a half years ago, but the hole in my heart still hasn’t closed. I will always miss him.

He wasn’t a great man nor a perfect man, but he was an incredible role model and I can only hope that I’m even half the man, son, brother, father, grandfather he was!

Looking through some items the other day, I found this interview I did with him for a class I had at MSU. Hearing his voice again, even with us discussing something like WWII, brought a smile across my face. I have attached it below. Please ignore my rudimentary interviewing skills…


I love you G.P.

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Safe Word – Bacon…

It’s been a while so I thought I’d bounce around Etsy tonight to check out the latest in homemade bacon themed crafts, that’s when I found this…

Ummmmmm….yeah….hmmmmmmmm….well you have to admire the craftsmanship…

I never cease to be amazed.

For those “more adventurous” of you, you can pick up this “limited edition” craftwork for just $125.  Do it for love ;-)



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It’s Back – Zingerman’s Camp Bacon!!

It’s not like Zingerman’s needs any of my help in the publicity department, heck they’re even in the latest Jason Segel movie, but when it comes to this event how could I not recommend it…

Bacon Camp 2012!

(pulled straight from their site)

Saturday, June 2nd
8:00am to 4:00pm

An all day event at Zingerman’s Roadhouse.

This year’s guest presenters (tentative lineup) include:

Emile de Felice – owner of Caw Caw Creek Farms, South Carolina – the ins and outs of sustainable hog farming

Allan Benton – founder and owner, Benton’s Country Hams – the tradition of pork curing in the Appalachians

Audrey Petty – author and poet – bacon and African American foodways

Geoff Emberling – PhD archeologist and museum curator – hog raising in the Middle East before Mohammed

Ji Hye Kim – founder of San Street – a brief survey of bacon cooking and eating in Asia

Ari Weinzweig – co-founding partner of Zingerman’s and author of Zingerman’s Guide to Better Bacon – a look at bacon history in Hungary

Proceeds from this event benefit Southern Foodways Alliance, which Corby Kummer called “this country’s most intellectually engaged (and probably most engaging) food society” in the Atlantic Monthly.

Spaces are limited. Tickets are $195/person and include breakfast, lunch and more bacon than you knew you could eat.

Unfortunately, my calendar will not allow me to attend (yet again!), but if any of you adventurous souls make the trip please let me know.  I’d love to deputize a corespondent ;-)

Check out their site to buy tickets, get more information on all the events happening that weekend and see a video from last year’s event.

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