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Posts from — December 2012

Merry Christmas Baby…

To you and yours – a very Merry Christmas from The Daily Bacon world headquarters…


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Bacon Anatomy of Perfection…

I hadn’t been on Etsy for a while and thought I’d pop-in, drop “bacon ” in the search and see what popped up.

The Word Shop calls this print “Bacon Anatomy of Perfection”.  I call it awesome and suddenly feel compelled to hang this in my kitchen.  This 8″ x 10″ print is part of their “For the Love of Bacon” series and can be yours for just $12.95.

Check out their store for a lot of other great images (along with some more fun bacon ones).

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Saturday Morning Video Funhouse…Rube Goldberg edition

This new video from OK Go is TEARING up the Googleverse!!  It made the Yahoo homepage today it’s so hot!

In three words…it is awesome!!!  A single tracking shot of a Rube Goldberg inspired masterpiece.  You have to watch it several times to really enjoy both the simplicity and complexity of it…


But what has this to do with bacon?  Well, it reminded me of the opening scene from one of my favorite movies… [Read more →]

December 24, 2012   1 Comment

Video Game Bacon – Bacon Taps

Got a Droid? Love bacon? Need a time waster?

There’s an app for that…Bacon Taps! The object of the game? Tap the bacon to score 10 points. Don’t let it’s simplicity fool you. It gets surprisingly tougher as you move on.

via andriodzoom.com

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As friends of TDB you may have come to over these last few years that I have a “thing” for carbonite.  Most specifically, Han Solo in carbonite.

The ONLY thing that I truly covet is a life sized Han Solo in carbonite.

While my dream has still yet to be realized, I have amassed quite a collection of substantially smaller versions, many of which have been highlighted on these electronic pages.

But now I have found quite possibly the SECOND greatest carbonite related product, this thanks to Lucasfilm and Disney World as part of their Star Wars weekends at Hollywood Studios

Guests at Star Wars Weekends this year will be given the opportunity to step into a “Carbon Freezing Chamber,” located near The American Idol Experience in the theme park, and have their faces 3-D scanned using multiple cameras to create a 8-inch figurine depicting themselves frozen in carbonite. It also comes with a light-up wristband.

What, what, what?!?

First thing I felt? Excitement – This is the coolest thing ever!

Second thing? Regret – Why did we book our Disney vacation when we did?

Third? Bargaining – How could I POSSIBLY get back down to Florida next weekend?

Fourth? Acceptance – I’m never going to have this.


So, to any of you will either live near the happiest place on earth or are planning on already attending the family nerdfest that is Star Wars weekend…don’t be like me and miss out!  Save those pennies (it costs $99.95) and go get yourself frozen!

via Nerd Approved

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A New “Sizzling” Yule…

Thanks to Applegate Farms, you’ve got a little something better to watch than that boring old yule log this Christmas morn…30 minutes of sizzlin’ bacon action! Make sure you crank up the audio on this one…

As they say in the video, “Season’s Meatings!

via YouTube| Buzzfeed

December 19, 2012   1 Comment

Bacon Pic of the Day – A bacon Bacon…

Seriously, what more do you want?  It had to happen eventually…

Everybody cut, everybody cut Footloose! (sorry, that was literally the first thing that came to mind)

via Obvious Winner

December 17, 2012   No Comments

Jamaican Me Bacon…

So I’m here…

Where you at?

TDB will be “on holiday” in Montego Bay for the next 6 days.  We’ll see you when we get back.

December 6, 2012   No Comments

Watch it Wiggle – Bacon Jello!

Two words that, in close to my five years on the interwebs, I NEVER thought would go together.  But then I find this and out of duty I am compelled to share.

Well there you go. Where would someone find directions for something like this? Why, Instructables of course (seriously I completely love that site). It’s a rather an involved process, but anything this “interesting” is bound to take some time.

Seriously, bacon jello people…

bacon jello.


December 4, 2012   No Comments