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The Bacon Burger…

No, seriously…this is a burger made of ground BACON!

And you guys think that I am bacon crazy (you know who you are).  I can honestly say I never thought about this!

This is courtesy of ”Geek Dad” over at Wired.com.  Click on over to read his entire post about this coronary creation and watch video evidence of it’s consumption.  BTW, bookmark it while you are at it…it’s a good read (Matt Blum is the contributor on this story and is on a bacon quest, neigh a Great Bacon Odyssey of his own.).

The big questions is why did I not see this until today?? This was posted a week ago! I am slacking and for that my bacon lovin’ friends, I am sorry!  It’s time to step it up!

Originally posted 2010-07-19 21:01:25.

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