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Super Bowl Breakfast!!

I said I was going to have it for breakfast…and I did…and I liked it!!!

This is the bacon cinnamon roll!

It’s a tough recipe…here are the ingredients:


Now, I made a mistake…it seems that the mini rolls are only stamped to look like they were rolled.  So I had to bust out a knife to cut into a strip:


Once pulled out on the counter, you just place a strip of bacon along the dough.


I was glad we still had a pound of the center cut in the freezer…given the size of these rolls, it was a perfect sized slice.  Also, it’s fresh seal packaging allowed me to just pull a couple slices out and just snap the case shut.


So here we are, all rolled up and ready for the oven.  Since this was the first time making these, I only put two together…In the event that things went south, I didn’t want to ruin a whole pan of these and deny Better Half her breakfast.


After 12 minutes at 400 degrees…here we are…just add icing and…


There you go!

Now I typically don’t like “wrapping” bacon around food.  I love the taste, but the bacon never really cooks and I just don’t dig on soggy bacon.

These cooked up great!  The bacon was still soft inside the roll, but it wasn’t stringy.  When I took a bite straight in, I didn’t pull any of the bacon with me.  The bacon fat melting through the bun gave it a real good taste and a nice sort of glaze formed on the bottom of the roll.  It was a GREAT blend of sweet and savory!

Next time…use the larger cinnamon rolls that are ACTUALLY rolled.  I also think I might hit the bacon in the stove for about 7 minutes and then roll it into the dough…so I get more of a cooked piece of bacon.  Some experimenting to go…but I got to tell you, it already was pretty close to perfection!

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