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REVIEW – Packaged Pre-Cooked Bacon

You (my 10′s of readers) may recall a few weeks back when I opened our fridge and found something so foul that it sent me recoiling backward in horror while I let out one of my best Jaime Lee Curtis in “Halloween” screams…


There it was…a box of pre-cooked pork!  How did this get into our home?  What kind of cruel and sadistic trick was this? What did I do to tick Better Half off to the point that she would purchase this???

I can tell you my friends, I stared at the box for a long time. Finally I gave in.  I was going to do a comparison.  I had some bacon left from a Sunday breakfast and I decided to make BLT’s for dinner, one with my home cooked premium bacon and the other with this…at least that was the idea…


 Made by Eckrich…okay, they know there packaged meats.  Ready in five seconds???  HMMMM, suspect.  Premium cut?  Intrigued…let’s open this bad boy…


It looks like bacon…”Great Bacon Without The Hassle” the package says…we shall see. 


I open the package and pull out a “layer” of four strips on a wax paper.  It was incredibly greasy, you can see the paper towel I placed underneath in an attempt to keep my hand clean.  Also, look at the ends of the strips…nothing but curled fat, not very appealing.  Whatever excitement I had is really starting to fade. 

Time to grab my leftover bacon…


Gee…this looks way different from the precooked stuff…


Even more so when you place them side by side…


The package did say precooked, so I grabbed a slice and popped it in my mouth…

BLECH!!! ACK!!! UGH!!!

Yes, that was my real reaction.  It was terrible.  The slices are extremely thin. There is not a hint of any sort of savory, smoky taste that actually makes bacon bacon.  I can’t even begin to describe the texture, other than the slight greasiness.


Well three slices left.  The box does say if I would like my bacon crispy, to place it in a microwave for 5 seconds per slice.  Let’s give this a fighting chance and pop it in the nuker…


Oh good lord in heaven…seriously, looking at these photos now, I am puking a little in my mouth.

I patted the slices off and, in the name of content, took another bite.  Even worse than eating it straight out of the package.  I am actually shivering as I write this as I recall chewing it (honestly, that’s not hyperbole, I am literally grossing myself out right now).

So that was IT!  I had two slices, one out of the box and another after following the instructions and cooking it.  NO MORE!  The remaining two slices and the rest of the box went promptly in the trash.  The idea to make competing BLT’s…screw that!!  I was hungry and I was not about to further spoil my dinner.  I gave you a shot boxed bacon…NEVER AGAIN!!

There are some things that you are just meant to wait for…and one of those is a good slice of bacon!


THAT is what I am talkin’ about!!!

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1 Penny { 07.16.09 at 5:03 pm }

So, how do you REALLY feel?

No little piggies eating bacon for YOU, Eckrich! Or is that “BLECH”-rich?

: )~

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