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Better with Bacon – Bacon Beer Brats…

Friends of TDB, allow me to introduce you to JustinJustin has been a great fan out of little website and (just so happens) really digs on swine like the rest of us.

Well, he got inspired this weekend and made something quite delicious…


Yes, bacon beer brats!

So I said “Justin, can I post this” and he said” Hells Yeah!” so here you go…his recipe with commmentary and photos after the jump.Last night the wifey asked me to grill some bratwurst, as it was good weather for grilling, and brats are a common fare for us in the weekend evenings. But, as is often the case, I was not satisfied making the *usual* so decided to kick it up a notch. With what, you ask? Come on, if you know anything about me you know the answer is BACON. Yes, bacon-wrapped, beer-soaked bratwurst in tasty toasted cheesy hoagie rolls. I have documented the procedure…just because.

Gather ingredients. What you will need: bratwurst, 5pack. The traditional Johnsonville is of course the better brat, especially if you are cooking just the plain and simple usual grilled concoction. For this application, I’ve found that the Kroger variety works just as well–and at half the price, you get more food. Every fatty knows that more food = better. I used ‘beer brats’ to give the flavor a kick-start. You will also need 5 strips of good cut but rather fatty bacon–long strips only. Gather these, plus 20 toothpicks, and you’re on your way. Remember a 6pack of beer when you’re shopping; one or two you will need for marinating–the rest are, of course, for the cook.

Poke series of holes in the brats to allow the marinade to soak in. Then wrap each brat with one long slice of bacon. Start each slice at a very end of a brat and end each slice at the other end–don’t worry about wrapping tightly, you don’t want the bacon to overlap. Also, as it cooks each slice with shrink and tighten around the brats, so you want some of the brat showing to let the fat and oils drip away and the insides cook thoroughly. Secure each end (after wrapping) with 2 toothpicks (4 per brat). If not well-secured, you’re going to have a nasty mess later. I am picky about my toothpicks and only use the kind from Cracker Barrel; but that’s probably just because I’m OCD. They do hold very well, though. Place all brats in a dish that allows them plenty of room between. Fill this vessel with enough beer to cover all of the succulent raw meat. I use Sweetwater420 because it adds delicious apple and smokey flavor. Soak very well for as long as you can wait (at room temperature).

Cook ‘em if you got ‘em! Start up your grill in whatever fashion works best for you and your hot-box. I turned on the right half of my 4-burner propane Char-Broil, to high heat for the warm-up, then down to medium-low for cooking the goods. Oil up the grate before you go putting the brats on–remember that the bacon grease is going to drip away so won’t provide the lubrication that you’re used to with pan bacon. Pour the beer out of whatever dish you were soaking with. Don’t drink it! That’s what the rest of that 6pack was for–to keep you from temptation. Once properly drained, I recommend letting sit on some paper towels for a short time to dry before grilling. Then place in the middle of the grate, away from direct flame. This is when I get out the handy-dandy deep fryer and plug it in, turn it on. If my days at Zaxbys taught me anything, it’s that there’s no sense it trying to cook anything until the oil is good and damn ready. Once the brats have cooked for 10 minutes, go out and turn them over, jack up the heat just to medium and again place the brats over indirect flame. Walk away for about 7 more minutes, don’t touch them. This would be the time to drop your fries into the boiling oil for a little crisping up. You’ll know when the brats are ready because the bacon will be dark and crispy around what are now cooked and ever-so-slightly-charred bits of porktopia. Set ‘em on a plate to rest for a few.

Take your fries out of the oil and let drain. Make sure to turn both the grill and the deep fryer off. Grab a couple buns or hoagie rolls and pull the toothpicks out of the brats. We like our buns toasted and with a bit of melted cheese–but hey do what you want. Once drained, throw your fries in a big bowl and toss with a bit of Mrs. Dash, garlic powder, and Italian seasoning (my secret ingredient). Plate with some dip for the fries, mustard, and whatever else you like on your bacon-wrapped beer beauties…and enjoy!

Thanks for letting me share Justin!  Keep on keppin’ on!

Originally posted 2010-02-22 15:14:25.