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Bacon Pic of the Day – Sweet Meat…

I started with pics this week and now I think we’re just going to make it a theme.

Look at that lovely cut right there…bacon that easily appears as a decident cheesecake.

More work from the “Sweet Meat” collection over at JasminSchuller.com.

Thanks to That’s Nerdalicious for the heads up.

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Wrap, Wrap, Wrap, Wrap, Wrap, Wrap It Up…

How do you make anything better???  You wrap it in bacon of course!

But let’s be honest, you don’t want to be wrapping those legos with real pork, that’s just unsanitary.  Thank you Archie McPhee for giving us the next best thing:

Two 20″ x 30″ sheets of wrapping paper, just $3.50 over at mcphee.com.

PS: If you are wondering why tonight’s headline sounds familiar, click here

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Bacon Pic of the Day – The End…

When it’s my time to go, you’ll know where to take me.


I wonder if they do cremations? You know, smoke their own meat…


via SoGood

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Droid Does…Bacon

Almost immediately after my post last night about the iPhone / iPad Bacon Clock App, I get this in my email box from FoTDB* Seth (SHOUT OUT!):

“I will see your iPhone clock and raise you 1 Android wallpaper…”

It’s the Bacon Live Wallpaper!  It features fully animated bacon cooking right on your phone and when you touch it, it sizzles.  IT SIZZLES!!!

Sorry Bacon Clock, but this just rocks.

It’s also FREE, but a suggested donation of $0.99 is appreciated.

So run, don’t walk, to the AppBrain and get your wallpaper today!

* Friend of “The Daily Bacon

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Bacon Pic of the Day – You Had Me at Bucket…

Yes please!

Man, it’s been four days since we’ve last talked.  Not gonna lie, I missed you guys a little…


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Hey Mr. DJ…it’s a Bacon Mix!

Surfin’ through the interwebs last week and what do I find but some “tasty” tunes.

It’s a digital “mix tape” by Bay Area DJ Enki.  Check out the sweetness, it even includes a little tune that I have dubbed TDB’s official theme song

“That’s Not Beef, That’s Pork” — Atmosphere
“Ham ‘n’ Eggs” — A Tribe Called Quest
“Who’s Got the Bacon?” — Howie B
“High on the Hog” — Tony Borders
“Ham Hocks Espanol” — Jimmy Castor
“Ham Gallery” — Poets of Rhythm
“Hand for the Hog”/”Two Pigs and a Hog”/”Bacon Biscuit Blues” — John Short/Freddie Perren/Aerosmith
“Bacon Fat” — Andre Williams
“Funky Thing” — Chuck Cornish
“Pigs” — Cypress Hill
“Bacon and Eggs” — Kurupt
“Pork Soda” — Primus
“Poke Chop Sandwich” — ZZ Top
“Hoggin’ Ain’t E-Z” — Total Devastation
“Pork” — The Pharcyde
“Selling My Pork Chops” — Memphis Minnie

Wanna listen to the mix?  There is link to download over at Woo-Ha.

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Bacon Pic of the Day – Charlotte’s Revenge

Thanks to “FoTDB“* Justin we have this lovely little twist on a beloved childhood favorite to start our Tuesday.

Have a great day!

(*) Friend of The Daily Bacon

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The Bacon Sandwich Equation…

So that’s it…

From “The Independent” out of Great Britain…

Experts at Leeds University spent more than 1,000 hours tasting 700 variations of the bacon sandwich to cook up a formula for the perfect butty. The secret lies in how crispy and crunchy your rashers are. Their recipe for success is N = C + {fb (cm) . fb (tc)} + fb (Ts) + fc . ta where N = force in Newtons required to break the cooked bacon, fb = function of the bacon type, fc = function of the condiment/filling effect, Ts = serving temperature, tc = cooking time, ta = time or duration of application of condiment or filling, cm = cooking method and C = Newtons required to break uncooked bacon.

Let me restate that for you:

N = C + {fb (cm) . fb (tc)} + fb (Ts) + fc . ta

When you put it like that, it ALL makes sense! ;-)

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Better with Bacon – Baked Bacon!

What is better THAN bacon!  Today’s simple, quick bacon recipe is for….

Baked bacon! ;-)


  • Bacon


  1. Place a long sheet of foil on a baking sheet
  2. Place the bacon on top of the sheet about an inch apart from each slice
  3. Put the sheet in the oven and turn it to 425 degrees and bake for 15-16 minutes
  4. Remove and place the bacon on several sheets of paper towels to soak up the grease and then serve


Thanks to A Zesty Bite for the chuckle tonight!

ED NOTE: This was not the special surprise I was going to write about as all the photos for the post are sitting on my work computer.  Tomorrow, promise!

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Bacon Pic of the Day – My Aisle…

You know that episode of Cheers when Cliff goes on Jeopardy?  He ends up with his “dream board”? (what, am I dating myself?)  We’ll this is my dream aisle…

via That’s Nerdalicious

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