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Better with Bacon – Bacon & Tomato Dip

This courtesy of Riley Adams over at the Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen

It doesn’t get any more easy than this one people (the exception being the melon wrapped bacon from last week) and she says it “tastes a lot like a blt” so you know its good! [Read more →]

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Yummy Pictures…with Bacon!

This site has been around for a while, but I am just discovering it’s near hypnotic spell…

It’s called SCANWICHES and it’s concept is so simple…buy/make a sandwich, cut it in half and then scan it! 

I was half tempted to do this with the burgers in our “Fast Food Friday” segment, but then I’d just feel like a massive hack.  So instead, I found a few bacon sandwiches that I thought I’d share with you.


Some more great bacon sandwich photos after the jump… [Read more →]

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Better with Bacon – BLT Dip

There is absolutely NOTHING healthy or “redeeming” about this particular recipe.  I mean it’s a recipe from Paula Dean

But damn does it sound yummy!  It also meets my criteria of quick and easy. SHOUT OUT to Amanda for bringing it to my attention.

Enjoy all!  [

January 5, 2015   1 Comment

From the Funny Pages…

I’m not typically a “Arlo ‘N’ Janis” fan, but this kinda of struck close to home…


Have a great week everyone!

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REVIEW – Packaged Pre-Cooked Bacon

You (my 10′s of readers) may recall a few weeks back when I opened our fridge and found something so foul that it sent me recoiling backward in horror while I let out one of my best Jaime Lee Curtis in “Halloween” screams…


There it was…a box of pre-cooked pork!  How did this get into our home?  What kind of cruel and sadistic trick was this? What did I do to tick Better Half off to the point that she would purchase this???

I can tell you my friends, I stared at the box for a long time. Finally I gave in.  I was going to do a comparison.  I had some bacon left from a Sunday breakfast and I decided to make BLT’s for dinner, one with my home cooked premium bacon and the other with this…at least that was the idea… [Read more →]

September 16, 2013   1 Comment

Better with Bacon – Take Your Pick…

This week’s “Better with Bacon” installment is brought to you by Brent (SHOUT OUT) who sent me this link to Delish.com that featured not one, not two, but 10 simple and delicious bacon recipes.

Lobster Salad BLT - photo via Delish.com

Lobster Salad BLT - photo via Delish.com

It’s their “10 Top Bacon Recipes” featuring:

  • Bacon & Egg Hash
  • Crunchy Cinnamon French Toast
  • Glazed Bacon-and-Cheese Burgers
  • The Clubhouse Sandwich
  • Triple -Decker Chicken Sandwich
  • Lobster Salad BLT
  • Louisville Hot Brown
  • Chicken Pizzettes Trio
  • Potato Soup
  • Green Beans with Smoked Bacon and Onion


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Lunch in the D – Woodbridge Pub…

I’ve been thinking about starting this new segment for a while as I have been making my way from one pub/bar to another each week throughout downtown Detroit.  But since my “travels” have mostly been to find great hamburgers, I decided it was too far “out of scope” for the blog.  But then I had lunch Wednesday…

BLT with heirloom tomatoes, mixed greens, think cut bacon and herb mayo on artisan butter toasted Italian bread from Avalon Bakery

Paired it with some gazpacho.  Damn good!

Plus, a surprising great pickle from Perkins Pickles (locally made).

So, a new segment is officially born!

Find out more about Woodbridge Pub.

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Yesterday’s News – Jack in the Box Bacon Bonanza…

Today we are going to start a NEW feature here at TDB entitled “Yesterday’s News!”  While I am usually on the cutting edge of bacon news and information, my recent work schedule has caused me to fall behind a bit…take this little piece of news:

Yup, Jack in the Box (of which there are NO restaurants in southeastern Michigan) jumped (albeit late) on the bacon bandwagon.

We featured bacon milkshakes two and a half years ago…

Denny’s did it last year…

So welcome to the club JitB.

Oh, they also have a special, BLT cheeseburger.  This “new” burger has cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo.  Wow, way to innovate!

There you go!  Want to find out more, then go to their MarryBacon.com microsite.

And this just in, Kim Jong-Il is still dead.

February 7, 2012   No Comments

WTH Denny’s…Baconalia?!?

So yesterday while on the road, the family decided to stop and get breakfast at Denny’s.  I am and will remain a big fan of the “make your own slam”.

Anywho, we walk in and I’m greeted by this:

WHAT???  How did I not know about this “Baconalia“?  I missed it, all the FoTDB* missed it, no Google alerts, no Facebook posts…WTH!!!

This “Celebration of Bacon” includes seven new menu items, featured here (a little blurry) on this table card: [Read more →]

March 22, 2011   17 Comments

Fast Food Friday – Gettin’ My Salad On at Wendy’s…

Welcome back to “Fast Food Friday“!  It’s been awhile…

For the newbies, this feature started with me comparing bacon and bacon burgers at various fast food chains surrounding my home and former office.  We were on a roll there for a while but then I ran out of fast food places and “Fast Food Friday’s went dormant.

Well bust out the tray liners cause I’m back baby! But this week, we’re checking out a salad.  A Salad???  Let me explain…

In the spirit of full exposure - a few weeks back I get this mysterious email saying that this person had a $10 Wendy’s gift card for me if I was willing to try one of their new premium salads.  Not knowing if this was a scam or not I sent the email back.  Fast forward a week and BAM, gift card in the mail!  SWEET!!! 

Being a man of my word, I took my card and went to get a salad…

[

August 20, 2010   1 Comment