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Bacon – Behold it’s Power…

Yup, that’s about right!

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Bacon Pic of the Day – Breakfast Tartan!

If I was to EVER get me a kilt, I’d have to look at this pattern…

Have a great night everyone.  Check out The Daily Bacon on Facebook for the winner of our Baconery contest.

Thanks to FoTDB Brandon for letting me steal this from his Facespace.

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REVIEW – FilterChef

So a few weeks back, I got on a mini kick about bacon grease.  During that time, I came across this:


The FilterChef!

I was intrigued, so I went ahead a bought one.  Man, am I glad I did!

FULL DISCLOSURE: I bought this product myself and I am not being compensated in any way for my review.  Photos after the jump.

[

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Better with Bacon – Three, Count them, THREE Recipes…

Man o’ man, these last few weeks have completely killed my “scheduled” feature posts.  To make up for not having a “Better with Bacon” segment for a while, here are THREE recipes that I pulled from the “Detroit News” bacon article from last week…Chocolate Bacon, Hot Bacon-Blue Cheese Dressing and Bacon Waffles (the latter I plan on making for my family this weekend).

Happy Cooking! [

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Saturday Morning Video Funhouse…


“I’m just tryin’ to cool off a little bit…”

Have a great weekend!

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The Bacon Epicurean – Savenor’s…

Oh my…

Are your tastes a little more refined? Feelin’ a little adventurous? Sick of the Oscar Mayer center cut?

Join the Bacon Society from Savenor’s in Boston.  Hey, if this place was good enough for Julia Child, then it’s plenty good for the rest of us.

Just what does a bacon society member enjoy?  Hit the jump to find out… [Read more →]

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The Foo Fighter’s Fight for Food…

Not just any food like “promoter pasta” but real food, good food…so of course that means bacon!

Their latest concert rider comes in at 52 pages.  Part seven features their “Field Guide To Food Coloring Book And Activity Pages“.  I’ve pulled together two pages that may be of interest to the FoTDB, but strongly encourage you to witness the entire section in all it’s glory.  Also, I’d suggest attempting the word search…it’s a little more complicated than you may think and it includes a “hidden message” for all those promoters out there.

I’m printing the Dave Grohl cover especially for Lil’ to color.  Think of the street cred she’s going to get at daycare…

via Smoking Gun

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Bacon Pic of the Day – Dare to Dream…

Courtesy of JimBetton.com – see all his crazy/fun work here

April 5, 2015   1 Comment

The Bacon Blotter – Stealin’ Swine…

Wow, we go almost a year and a half with out a “Bacon Blotter” and now we’ve got it twice this week…

This from ABC News:

In Minnesota, where hog farming is big business (oinker sales totaled $8 billion in 2010) hog rustling has become a problem.

A rash-or rasher? of thefts has farmers locking barns and installing video cameras. Nearly 750 pigs have been stolen in recent weeks.  Investigators for the Nicollet County Sheriff’s Office confess that they are baffled.

The thieves know the business,  farmer Tim Waibel tells the Minneapolis Star Tribune. They take only mature, market-ready animals, and they’re stealthy enough to get past security.

750 mature hogs??  REALLY???  How do you even “secretly” amass that much pork without someone figuring things out?

So this is Minnesota’s version of “copper stripping”? (I see you Detroit).

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Bacon Boutique – Periodic Bacon

Graphically, cool shirt.  But kids, don’t go mixing barium, colbalt and nitrogen together while thinking that you are going to get tasty, tasty bacon…cause you won’t.  Trust your Uncle Mike.

Want one?  Get one over at ThinkGeek!

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