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Well hello there everyone!  I hope you had a great holiday weekend (Memorial Day here in the good ole US of A)!

We’ll get back to the bacon goodness tomorrow…right now, I just have to share this. 


This just killed me. Did you see the giant safety pin?  Brilliant!

Talk to ya’ll tomorrow.

May 31, 2010   No Comments

Bacon Pic of the Day – Need She Say More?

After a long day on the road for work, I popped into Famous Dave’s on the way home…

Notice that’s not a question on the back of that shirt ;-)

As a bonus…here’s the chopped pork “salad” I had tonight…


Have a great weekend everyone.

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BACON FAIL – The #8…

Started a brand new job yesterday!!  YEAH!!! 

So it was a day full of firsts…how do I drive to the office, where do I park, setting up voicemail, email, blah, blah, blah…

One of the biggest dilemmas is always where to go for lunch. Fortunately there are a few options in my new building. One is a deli just outside the main bank of elevators.  Pretty convenient I thought so in I went. 

They had a really strong sandwich board and it took me a while to decide but I finally ordered the #8 – turkey, bacon and thousand island on rye.

The sandwich is made in no time, wrapped with a pickle, didn’t cost an arm and a leg… I’m feeling pretty good about my choice.

That is until I get back upstairs and unwrap my sandwich.

WTF!!!  This is a deli and THAT is the bacon you are going to put on my sandwich???

Precooked, thin sliced crud!

I am sorry deli that I won’t name…you had one shot to win and you FAILED miserably.

May 18, 2010   2 Comments

Yummy! – The Charlie Brown Burger at Brady’s…

Starting today I’m launching a new “series” on the blog simply called “Yummy!” featuring the tasty bacon foods that I like!

Just up the road from my humble abode is a little neighborhood bar called Brady’s.  It’s my de facto meeting place for a beer and burger lunch and the menu item of choice is typically this lovely thing…

It’s the Famous Burger, Charlie Brown style…and it is delicious!

Nothing special, just a basic half pound burger.  Swiss cheese and bacon make it “Charlie Brown”.  That’s it and that is why I like it so much.  Just a good tasting, simple burger.

The two strips may not seem like enough, but break them in half and you get bacon in every bite.

So if you are in town over a weekend and wanna grab lunch and a few cold ones in the middle of the day…just give me a call and I’ll meet you up there.

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The Detroit News Gets with the Bacon Program…

A SHOUT OUT to FoTDB Bobby for letting me know about this article in the Detroit News yesterday:

It really is a nice article and great to see a food writer take a serious look at the phenomenon that has become bacon.

It also helps that we have an unabashed bacon lover Ari Weinzweig, co-owner of Zingerman’s Deli and Zingerman’s, just down the road in Ann Arbor.

Here are some highlights:

Do you suppose if bacon were called anything but bacon that we’d love it as much? Say the word to anyone other than a vegetarian and watch the response: We adore it. Quite simply, bacon is meat candy….

Chefs and home cooks are going whole hog, folding bacon into muffin and waffle batters, wrapping it around seafood and chicken livers, saving the fat to enhance stir fries and to make chocolate gravy (a Southern favorite), and dipping the crispy cooked strips in melted chocolate to really gild the swine…

Bacon also has had its share of taking it on the chin because of its high sodium, fat and calorie content. But compare that to a hot dog or hamburger or even a glazed doughnut, and bacon looks like health food.

“I look at bacon as fine wine,” Weinzweig says. “You need to have more than just one in your repertoire.”

You can read the whole article “Surrender to artisanal bacon — the latest gourmet hit” over at detnews.com.

Also – if you are in the metro Detroit area and love bacon, you do not want to miss Zingerman’s Camp Bacon!

About Camp Bacon
What : Led by Ari Weinzweig, highlights include bacon tasting, curing demonstration from three leading artisan bacon curers, cooking demo, breakfast and lunch from Zingerman’s Deli and a free signed copy of “Zingerman’s Guide to Better Bacon.”

When: 9 a.m.-3 p.m. June 19; 10 a.m.-2 p.m. June 20. Following the June 19 event, the Zingerman’s businesses on Plaza Drive will open their doors until 5 p.m. for a free bacon party with a portion of the proceeds going to benefit the Washtenaw County 4H. There will be Bacon Apple Doughnut making at the Bakehouse and Maple-Bacon Lattes from Zingerman’s Coffee Co. Zingerman’s Creamery will be stocking a full line of great bacons for sale that day as well.

Where: Zingerman’s Bakehouse, Creamery and Coffee, 3711 Plaza Drive, Ann Arbor, 48108

Cost : $150 per person

More information or to make reservations : www.zingermanscampbacon.com. Or contact Pete Sickman-Garner, pgarner@zingermans.com or (734) 904.0644.

via The Detroit News:

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I’ll have the Half Fat, Double Caff, Bacon Mochachino Please…

From Torani, makers of fine beverage syrups comes:

Yes, bacon flavored syrup.  This isn’t a joke or delayed April Fools, this one is real.

From the Tonari web site: [

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My World’s Collide, Part Dos…Space Slug Oven Mitt

Some may think that George Lucas has sold his soul when it comes to Star Wars and merchandising. Well not I.

I believe that we have entered into a golden age of nerdy Star Wars product goodness!!  The latest example:


Next time you go to pull that bacon out of the oven, why not use your Space Slug oven mitt.

Yes, it is the giant asteroid space slug that the Millennium Falcon flew into (and landed in) during The Empire Strikes Back.

Come on!  Even the most jaded of nerds has to admit that this is pretty cool. 

It’s also quite affordable, just $19.99 over at StarWarsShop.com.

via FashionablyGeek

May 11, 2010   1 Comment

Saturday Afternoon Video Funhouse – Scarlett Likes Bacon…

From Wednesday of this last week – Craig Ferguson’s interview with Scarlett Johansson as she discusses her love for good ole USA bacon…not that Canadian stuff…  ;-)

Watch the whole interview if you like – it’s enjoyable – but to get to the bacon talk, jump to 4:18.


Ah bacon…

May 8, 2010   1 Comment

38th Anniversary of my 1st Birthday…

That’s right, it’s my birthday bitches!!!  (Sorry, little sassy today!) 

Started off with some great thick cut at breakfast and opening my present to reveil a wonderful bottle of Jameson Gold Reserve from Better Half!  Bacon and Whiskey – HOO-RAY for me.  Thinking a BLT for Lunch and tonight I gots me some tickets to see Iron Man 2 so I am all good in the hood. 

Don’t worry - I haven’t forgot about you, my 10′s of readers. As is becoming “tadition”, here are some photos of great bacon / bacon related cakes!  This year, there was even a “Bacon Explosion” cake (it is a thing of beauty). 

So enjoy! 

[

May 7, 2010   3 Comments

REMEMBRANCE – Ernie Harwell…

Yesterday Ernie Harwell, the long time broadcaster for the Detroit Tigers, died.

This morning I cried.

Mr. Harwell’s passing has been strangely personal for me these last few hours as his death coincided with my remembrance of my grandfather’s birthday.  Many summers were spent in my grandfather’s backyard, with Ernie’s voice coming through the tiny little speakers of a small AM radio.  Through those moments with my grandfather, of which Ernie is forever linked, I grew to love baseball and the Tigers specifically.

I was fortunate enough to meet Mr. Harwell years ago when I worked for the Lansing Lugnuts.  We were holding our first Lugnut Charities gala and Ernie was our featured Guest of Honor.  I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was to shake his hand and, for the brief minute I had, to let him know how much I appreciated his work.  I am not an “autograph” guy, but I have his and it has been and will always be something that I cherish.

My story is not unique.  Everyone has there own Ernie story.  Each special in there own right and every one affirming not only that he was tremendous talent but what a gracious, generous and kind person he was as well. Allow me to direct you to the very personal and touching piece my friend Larry Lage wrote for USA Today.

Also I would like to share this video of Mr. Harwell’s farewell address to the fans last fall. Thank you DJ for sending.


Rest in peace Ernie.

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