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The Best Soy Based Bacon Smell Ever…

A few weeks ago an old high school friend and FoTDB Gary sends me a note on Facespace

“Send me your address, I got something for you.”

Well, why wouldn’t I?

I forget all about it and then another MyBook message…

“Look in your mailbox. Just sent you something.”

A few days later, small box on my porch.  Upon opening I find…

My very own, handmade, mini bacon scented soy candle!

Gary and his family started Ruberry Candle Company, makers of clean burning soy candles in a variety of “flavors”.    They’re just a couple of crazy kids trying to make this candle thing work.  Now MY “Bacon Bits” fragrance is a one off right now, but if enough of you visit their site and rise up in unison through email to say…

“Yes Gary, we believe that the best use of soy is for a candle, we believe our homes never smell better than after frying a pound of sweet pork, we believe in American and the small business family, so please make my candle bacon bits!”

…and he just might make a another, bigger, batch.

Thank you for my gift Gary!

Everyone, go buy a candle! ;-)

March 19, 2012   No Comments