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Posts from — March 2012

If Bacon is Gonna Kill Ya, You Might as Well Go Out with Style…

Yup, it’s a bacon coffin!

Supposedly this is NOT an early April Fool’s joke…but the brain child of the guys at Bacon Salt.  The same guys who have brought you Baconnaise, bacon popcorn, bacon MMMvelopes and bacon lube.

Just under $3,000 kids…get on the waiting list today.

Thanks to FoTDB Seth and Ed (SHOUT OUTS) for the heads up today.

photo via King5 – Seattle’s News Leader.

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Bacon Pic of the Day – Swinery…

On the Facespace this weekend and I see a post from FoTDB Dina (SHOUT OUT!)…

“Pork Nirvana!!!!!! I love this place!!! — with (husband) at The Swinery.”

Ummmm, excuse me a minute…the Swinery?!?

So I asked for photos…

Color me intriglous (intrigued /jealous)! Holy Moly!  How is this place NOT more famous than that stupid wharf.

Check them out online (but have a drool towel ready for when you do!).

Thanks Dina!  Hope that giant stack of nitrate free bacon was as tasty as it looks.

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Bacon Boutique – Crispy Chef Shoes…

Now that short order cook can wear cover their piggies with bacon while standing over the flattop while frying up the same thing…

Featuring the MOZO Sharkz Bacon Shoe.  Yeah, they’re $74.95, but if you got to be on your feet all day, they’re worth it!

Like um’ (you can get them in “egg” too), then pop on over to their site.

Thanks FoTDB Dina for the heads up.  We’ve got more from Dina tomorrow…

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The Best Soy Based Bacon Smell Ever…

A few weeks ago an old high school friend and FoTDB Gary sends me a note on Facespace

“Send me your address, I got something for you.”

Well, why wouldn’t I?

I forget all about it and then another MyBook message…

“Look in your mailbox. Just sent you something.”

A few days later, small box on my porch.  Upon opening I find…

My very own, handmade, mini bacon scented soy candle!

Gary and his family started Ruberry Candle Company, makers of clean burning soy candles in a variety of “flavors”.    They’re just a couple of crazy kids trying to make this candle thing work.  Now MY “Bacon Bits” fragrance is a one off right now, but if enough of you visit their site and rise up in unison through email to say…

“Yes Gary, we believe that the best use of soy is for a candle, we believe our homes never smell better than after frying a pound of sweet pork, we believe in American and the small business family, so please make my candle bacon bits!”

…and he just might make a another, bigger, batch.

Thank you for my gift Gary!

Everyone, go buy a candle! ;-)

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How Do You Get Your Bacon?

YouTube Preview Image

Watch a master do his thing to get some prized pork!

He makes some pretty quick work of this side of hog. I’m always impressed by clean butcher work. Love when Morimoto pulls out the knives on a fresh fish for example. Efficiency with every slice, getting the absolute most out of an animal, it’s sheer brilliance…

This great video is from the new iPad book app, “The Better Bacon Book“.  I’m downloading this weekend and we’ll talk more about it next week. ;-)

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Bacon Pic of the Day – All Natural…

Imagine the surprise on the archeologist’s face when he finally discovered proof of the existence of the fabled “Pigosaurus”.

Beautiful day here in The D, hope you had a good one as well.


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A Lesson in Moderation…

So those buzz kills at Harvard School of Public Health just wrote something…

…a new study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine finds that daily consumption of red meat — particularly processed meat — may be riskier than carnivores realize.

“The statistics are staggering,” study author Frank Hu, a professor of nutrition and epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public health, told us. “The increased risk is really substantial.”

He found that people who consumed about one serving of red meat (beef, pork or lamb) per day had a 13 percent increased risk of mortality, compared with those who were eating very little meat. And processed meats raised the risk higher, to about a 20 percent increased risk of death from diseases including cancer and heart disease.

Well, I guess there’s that.

Look, we love bacon here at TDB world headquarters, this much is true! But even I would never advocate for bacon everyday.  I think we all know that moderation is the best way to savor the sweet swine.

In effort to provide balance to the story, we now bring you this…

The American Meat Institute Foundation disputes the findings that red meats including processed meats elevate the risk of cancer.

“I don’t think there are a lot of risks associated with those processes [used to produce hot dogs or bacon],” says Betsy Booren, director of scientific affairs for the AMI Foundation.

“They’re made from meat, which is needed in the body,” Booren says. And she argues it’s unfair to single out meat, when there are many risk factors for cancer and heart disease.

I had NO idea there was an American Meat Institution…classic!

Listen to the rest of the story from NPR and then make your life choice.


March 12, 2012   2 Comments

Back to Indy…

Big Ten Basketball Tournament this weekend.  I’m up and out of the house early to make it to Indy for MSU’s noon tip.

See you all on Monday.

Go Green!

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The Word of the Day is….Bacon!

From the makers of the original magnetic poetry kit comes…

According to the Neatorama it features “over 200 crispy and smokey word magnets – perfect for bacon lovers!”  So you got that going for you!

Show you bacon love with an ode, sonnet, limerick, rap each morning.  Just $11.95, makes a great gift ;-)

via Neatorama


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Breakfast Candy…

When looking through the interwebs tonight in my attempt to bring you some bacon news of substance, I came across this…

Sometimes just plain cute trumps substance.

So while there is no bacon in these bacon and egg candies, they sure are fun.

What you need to recreate:

  • White Chocolate
  • Yellow M&M’s
  • Pretzel Rods

I think you shoudl be able to figure everything else out by looking at the photo.

This loooks like a project for Lil’ and I.

via Phoenix New Times

March 6, 2012   1 Comment