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Bacon – The More You Know…

A follow up of sorts to yesterday’s “Bacon Pic of the Day“.

Just exactly where does the phrase “bringing home the bacon” come from?

Courtesy of gobanking rates.com (seriously):

If you are bringing home the bacon, you’re living well. It usually means to pull in a big paycheck, but in the simplest sense, to experience good fortune and wealth.

This phrase’s origin is harder to nail down, but there are two theories that stand out among the rest:

The first theory is that it derived from a tradition called Dunmow Flitchthat is still practiced every four years in Great Dunmow, Essex. In 1104, the Prior of Little Dunmow was so impressed with a couple’s devotion to each other that he gave them a side of bacon (also called a flitch). There is no solid proof if this is true, however.

The first time anyone had actually been quoted as using this phrase was in 1906, when Joe Gans won a boxing match. The September 3rd Reno Evening Gazette reported the words of an announcer at the match who read a telegram from Gans’ mother aloud. She wrote, “Everybody says you ought to win. Peter Jackson will tell me the news and you bring back the bacon.”

It’s unclear whether she made it up on the spot or was repeating an already well-known phrase, but there is no hard evidence of this term’s use before that day.

and there………you…………go.


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