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Posts from — September 2011

Bacon Pic of the Day – Old English Bacon…

We’ve featured a bacon font before…but never a font MADE of bacon…

Photography and direction by Henry Hargreaves, styling by Sarah Guido.

via Neatorama

September 28, 2011   1 Comment

The Bacon Blotter – Oh, Hi There…

It’s been a while since we’ve had a “ripped from the headlines” bacon related crime story, but this one caught my eye…from StLToday:

UNIVERSITY CITY • A burglar was frying bacon when a University City woman returned home and caught him in her kitchen, police say.

Police nabbed the man, who they believe is responsible for at least one other burglary in the area.

Damon L. Petty, 36, of the 200 block of Roberta Avenue in Ferguson, was being held Wednesday on $25,000 bail in the St. Louis County Jail.

Petty is charged with first-degree burglary of the home Tuesday morning in the 6600 block of Crest Avenue.

In a probable cause statement by University City Police Officer Jeff Barnhouse, police say Kenya Ealy came home at about 9:45 a.m. Tuesday and found Petty in her kitchen. He was frying bacon on the stove.

He was frying bacon on the stove. FRYING BACON ON THE STOVE!

I’ve got nothing more, everything that needs to be said has already been said.

Good night everyone, make sure you tip the waitresses.

September 27, 2011   No Comments

Women, Men, X-men…

If I see something that make me bust out laugh, then I feel I need to share.

For some reason, this did it for me today.

You know, I think I’m clever…but then I see stuff like this and realize I’m just not that good.

Bravo Nerd, Bravo!


September 22, 2011   No Comments

Best Menu Ever?!?

Behold the menu for Bacon, a restaurant that opened this month in Austin, TX.

Curse you Austin for having something this awesome!

Not including the sides, I counted only three things on the menu that didn’t have bacon in some way, shape or form.

They were also just featured in “The Daily Texan” (hey, nice name) where they merited an “A” rating!  Here’s a snippet:

“What we decided to do was specialize in making the traditional old-fashioned meals and just making them with better bacon,” said Bacon co-founder Jed Taylor. “Really, I think that people will be inspired to create their own meal here.”

When first entering Bacon, where according to Taylor they cook about 80 to 150 pounds of the meat a day, one might expect to be overwhelmed by the smell of maple syrup and sizzling pork. That is not the case at all. The atmosphere at Bacon is like walking into your kitchen at home, but with a few more tables.

Read the rest here.

Bacon’s website isn’t live just yet, but you can check them out on Facebook.  If you are in or headin’ to Austin, make sure you stop by and then tell us all about it!

pic via

September 20, 2011   No Comments

So There Was This Contest…

and I lost.

Thanks to everyone who voted for “The Daily Bacon” in the Detroit “Most Valuable Blogger” competition.  I truly do appreciate your support (no really, seriously, I do)!

So to whom did I lose? To a young woman by the name of Sarah who maintains a blog called “Crazy Random Happenstance“.  Congratulations to her!  Hey, us bloggers got to stick together…especially those of us who just do this out of “love”.  So much respect.

Am I bitter? Yeah, a little, but I was a bitter old man to begin with!  Also, any contest like this that doesn’t actually post votes, either real time or at the end of the competition, is suspect.  Look, I’m in marketing, I know how stuff like this works.

Oh well, at least I’ve got bacon (and all of you who hang around this joint) ;-)

photo via


September 19, 2011   1 Comment

Taste Test – Marini’s Choco-Bacon…

About a year ago we “reported” about Marini’s Candies in Santa Cruz and their offering choco-bacon on their online store.

Well imagine my surprise when Better Half comes home from her girl’s trip in California with this…

Aw yeah…

That my friends is actual choco-bacon with a maple candy drizzle.

And that is the last bite!  It’s fuzzy but you can still see that bacon goodness just nestled inside some really tasty chocolate.

Believe it or not (and most of you won’t) this was my first slice of choco-bacon!  It was absolutely delicious!  What made it so good?  Really solid chocolate.  I mean good!  The bacon added a nice crunch and hint of salt and smoke.  I was really surprised by the balance and then that maple drizzle just sent it over the moon.

I can not recommend this enough!

But Michael, I don’t have a Better Half going to California who can serve as my choco-bacon mule…well you can still get this sent to your home…

Yup, it’s Marini’s 4 oz pack, available through their store and ready to ship straight to you!

So what are you waiting for?  Get your choco-bacon on!

September 14, 2011   1 Comment


Photo By Reuters/REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

September 11, 2011   No Comments

Beware the Bomb – the Bacon Bomb…

This weekend I’ve got a four day “play-date” with Lil’ as Better Half is off in California for a girls’ weekend.  Out and about in Santa Cruz, she finds this for me…

Photo is fuzzy so let me “translate”…from the Harbor Cafe’s drink menu it’s the Bacon Bomb!  Champagne, Red Bull, shot of Jameson and a strip of hot bacon!  Hot Damn!  I’d drink that in a minute (that pomegranate Mimosa look pretty tasty too).

That’s how my baby looks out for me.

Have a great weekend everyone.  Star Wars night tomorrow at Comerica Park…guess where Lil’ and I will be?

September 9, 2011   No Comments

Bacon Pic of the Day – Spun Swine…

Ladies and Gentlemen – Bacon Cotton Candy!

If that wasn’t good enough, there is a tasty surprise underneath all that flavored sugar…a strip of bacon of course.

This wonderful invention from the folks at Harvest Restaurant in Cambridge, MA.

Courtesy of FoTDB Jim (SHOUT OUT!)

September 8, 2011   1 Comment

Say it ain’t Schweddy…

Over the last couple of months we featured some AWESOME , yet fictional, Ben & Jerry’s flavors…but this news today has got me over the moon (like the cow)…

Are you kidding me?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

Evidently they aren’t.  This from NPR’s conversation with B&J’s spokesman Sean Greenwood…

“We’ve always been a company that has had a sense of humor,” he said. Sometimes, he said, they spend time discussing serious business and other times “we just do fun.”

“This is just plain silly,” he said. And it tastes pretty good, he promised.

The flavor is made up of “vanilla ice cream with a hint of rum and is loaded with fudge covered rum balls and milk chocolate malt balls.”

It’ll be available for a limited time in about 30 percent of stores that carry Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

I mean come on.  How cool is that?  Looks like my Americone Dream and Late Night Snack are going to have to take a back seat for a while.

For you youngins who have no idea what us old farts are talkin’ about here, watch what some consider (including this guy) one of the best Saturday Night Live skits ever.

PS – Just two more days left in Detroit’sMost Valuable Blogger” competition. Click the link to vote for The Daily Bacon and thank you!

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