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Effective Email – “Bacon is Love”

So after my horrendous day yesterday and physical inability to get out of bed, I had a lot of email to get through today.

An effective email should have a strong subject line, maybe something like this…

“Bacon is LOVE!”

That was the actual line in a message today from one of my favorite establishments, Archie McPhee.

I joined the cult of McPhee over a decade ago after I bought some giant light bulb lamps for a party I was hosting (also picked up a pair of giant underpants just for the heck of it). Over the year’s I’ve bought the occasional rubber chicken and bizarre action figure, but what I truly appreciate about McPhee’s is there great line of bacon themed products.

In today’s email the first product featured was …

Not only does the face of the watch have our own Mr. Bacon on it, but the watchband looks like a delicious piece of bacon. It will take all your willpower to keep from gnawing it off your arm. Perfect for the meat lover!

Bacon watch not your speed, well how about the bacon dental floss, a bacon wallet, bacon band aids or even bacon gunballs.

Oh Archie, you truly know the way to my heart!


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