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“…Make the Tree Look Taller.”

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I’m going to let the video do the heavy lifting.  This is one in a series of Shaving Instructional Videos placed on the youtubes…and one could argue that it will be the one with the most views.

Gillette – the best a man can get!

I say to you, BRAVO!

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Droid Does…Bacon

Almost immediately after my post last night about the iPhone / iPad Bacon Clock App, I get this in my email box from FoTDB* Seth (SHOUT OUT!):

“I will see your iPhone clock and raise you 1 Android wallpaper…”

It’s the Bacon Live Wallpaper!  It features fully animated bacon cooking right on your phone and when you touch it, it sizzles.  IT SIZZLES!!!

Sorry Bacon Clock, but this just rocks.

It’s also FREE, but a suggested donation of $0.99 is appreciated.

So run, don’t walk, to the AppBrain and get your wallpaper today!

* Friend of “The Daily Bacon

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Bacon Boutique – Roller Bacon…

My sister-in-law “G” (SHOUT OUT!) has decided to take up the ancient and hallowed sport of Roller Derby up in Traverse City.  She’s small but scrappy so watch it ladies!

Anywho, she just recently ordered her “equipment” and came across these:


Ladies, be at your most intimidating as you glide around the rink in these bacon socks!


So there you go!

via Derby Dress

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Long Overdue…Bacon Sunday VII!

How did the time get away from me???  Here we are, three months into 2010, and “The Daily Bacon” has yet to officially “hold” a BACON SUNDAY?!? The shame, the horror…

So here we go…



For those new to TDB”, allow me a minute to explain just what BACON SUNDAY is…

BACON SUNDAY is a day where you are strongly encouraged to enjoy a good old BIG breakfast! It could be a get together with friends, family or even just a quiet morning at a greasy spoon with your newspaper.  I am a HUGE proponent of a great breakfast.  Some of my favorite memories are around big ole breakfasts.

For those veggie friends of mine, or just those who don’t dig on swine, BACON SUNDAY doesn’t have to include pig…just knowing that you are willing to join in the spirit of the “event” is plenty cool with me!


  • When: Sunday, March 28, 2010
  • From: Whenever you wake up til 2 pm
  • Where: Your pick
  • With Who: Anyone you’d like to get together with.

Facebook friends: Look for the event invitation over the next day or two.

So “join” us won’t you?  May this movement continue to grow!

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Saturday Morning Video Funhouse…

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It’s very distrubing yet catchy.  Can you imagine a world with Hover Bacon???

Have a great weekend.

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My Personal Bacon FAIL…

I believe I angered the bacon Gods last week with my lack of pork posts…and they took it out on me on Saturday!

Took Lil’ Baird to swimming class (yes, I have a 21 month old girl who goes to swimming class) and built up quite an appetite as holding that weight in the water for a half hour is more work than you’d think.  So we get home and I’m searching through the fridge and BAM, there it is, the pound of premium thick cut bacon I bought from my local meat counter the previous Saturday.  How did I forget this was in here? 

I pulled it out of the fridge and unwrapped the butcher paper.  The bacon was wrapped tight in plastic and still looked good… so in the oven it went.

My mind started to imagine the fantastically meat filled BLT’s that I was about to eat when about 6 minutes into cooking my nose was offended by a sickly sweet smell.  I know that smell, it’s the same smell that hamburger has when you are cooking it and you know it’s turned.  Damn, damn, damn…wasted bacon, hungry stomach, upset man!

I pulled the bacon out of the oven, hit the fan over the stove and when it cooled, just rolled it all up and tossed it out.  One delicious pound completely wasted.  A sad, sad day in the Baird household. A sad day indeed.

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Bacon Pic of the Day – You Had Me at Bucket…

Yes please!

Man, it’s been four days since we’ve last talked.  Not gonna lie, I missed you guys a little…


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Hey Mr. DJ…it’s a Bacon Mix!

Surfin’ through the interwebs last week and what do I find but some “tasty” tunes.

It’s a digital “mix tape” by Bay Area DJ Enki.  Check out the sweetness, it even includes a little tune that I have dubbed TDB’s official theme song

“That’s Not Beef, That’s Pork” — Atmosphere
“Ham ‘n’ Eggs” — A Tribe Called Quest
“Who’s Got the Bacon?” — Howie B
“High on the Hog” — Tony Borders
“Ham Hocks Espanol” — Jimmy Castor
“Ham Gallery” — Poets of Rhythm
“Hand for the Hog”/”Two Pigs and a Hog”/”Bacon Biscuit Blues” — John Short/Freddie Perren/Aerosmith
“Bacon Fat” — Andre Williams
“Funky Thing” — Chuck Cornish
“Pigs” — Cypress Hill
“Bacon and Eggs” — Kurupt
“Pork Soda” — Primus
“Poke Chop Sandwich” — ZZ Top
“Hoggin’ Ain’t E-Z” — Total Devastation
“Pork” — The Pharcyde
“Selling My Pork Chops” — Memphis Minnie

Wanna listen to the mix?  There is link to download over at Woo-Ha.

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It’s Here, It’s Here…Bakon Vodka

Oh the anticipation all through last weekend…

That UPS tag left on my door, teasing me, proof of the attempted delivery of my Bakon Vodka.

Well, I signed that tag and placed it back on the door, much like a young child leaves their tooth under a pillow for the tooth fairy or a plate of cookies for Santa.

Monday was a long day at work then finally the proverbial bell rung and off I rode, trying to get home as fast as I could.  I pull in the drive way and there, laying on my porch, a long cardboard box…JOY!!!!!!!! [Read more →]

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Better with Bacon – Bacon Wrapped Pork Meatloaf

This morning on “Today chef Matt Gennuso shared this porktastic recipe – bacon wrapped pork meatloaf.

If you can sit through a segment with Al Roker, then feel free to watch the video.

If you are like me and can NOT sit through a segment with Al Roker then hit the jump for the recipe. [Read more →]

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