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Knock, Knock! Who’s There? BACON!!!

What if I told you that you could get great artisan bacon, delivered right to your home each and every month?

Michael, surely you can’t be serious? 


I am serious and don’t call me Shirley!

As bacon continues to build “momentum” in the food world, a few companys are now providing you the luxury of great bacon on your doorstep.

“Bac’n of the Month Club”Bacn.com
Ranging in 3 or 6 mo. subscriptions.  You’ll receive 2 slabs of artisan bacon each month. All shipping costs are part of the subscription fee and you will also receive a great bacon apron and bacon recipes.

Bacon of the Month Club” – TheGratefulPalate.com
These folks offer three subscription choices but also throw in a whole mess o’ stuff like: membership card, pig ball point pen, little rubber pig toy, bacon t-shirt, recipes and discounts for more bacon and wine from The Grateful Palate.  Oh..and a PIG NOSE!!! 

“Bacon is Meat Candy” Gourmet Bacon ClubBaconFreak.com
They feature five subscription options.  You get 2 slabs of gourmet bacon and every subscription features free swag: a mini-pig, t-shirt and bacon air freshener. They also feature one of the more unique clubs…”The Swine & Wine” Club.  (Careful, they’ve got a loud and knida annoying theme song that just starts blaring from their site when the page loads – you can turn it off in the right hand corner of the page.)

Each of these sites also offer individual purchase as well as some neat bacon themed merchandise.

These clubs are not cheap but you’re not getting the standard grocery store fare here…if you REALLY like bacon (you know, a connoisseur) then put one of these clubs on your holiday list.  If you’re thinking about what to get yours truly…well…I’m not picky ;-)


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