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Posts from — April 2011

Bacon – Royal Wedding Edition…

So I was doing everything I could to avoid this whole Royal Wedding thing but then this popped up in my Google machine…

Mad props to the Pipster!

BTW – if you had no idea (like myself) who the heck she is well this is Pippa Middleton

All that AND bacon sandwiches???  Sign me up!

photo credit – AP / SCOTT HEPPELL

April 29, 2011   1 Comment

Bacon Pic of the Day – Bacon Horse…



that’s a “mounted” horse head made of bacon (and prosciutto)…

let me say that again…

horse head…

made of bacon.


Instructables Bacon Challenge

More photos here

thanks to Obvious Winner for the heads up.

April 26, 2011   3 Comments

Instructables Bacon Challenge…

I love bacon!  That much you should know by now.

I love the web site Instructables.  You would too if you checked it out.

In fact it was Instructables that gave us the wonderful recipe for Pig Nuts last week. (PIG NUTS!!!)

It was inevitable that they’d get together sooner or later.  Announcing (a little late – sorry) the Instructables Bacon Challenge!

The Bacon Challenge is simple: make something amazing that involves bacon. We know, bacon is already pretty amazing on its own – therein lies the challenge! Dress it up, build with it, get creative with your porcine bounty. The challenge is to make something both original and bacon-related. If it’s about bacon, it’s eligible.

So there you go!  And what pray tell does the winner get for their bacony efforts?

An IPad 2 (or an All-Clad Skillet, but we all know you’d take the IPad)!

So what are you waiting for?  Get those creative juices flowing. You have until May 8th.

via Instructables.

April 20, 2011   No Comments

Nerdy Pork Pic of the Day – Ham Solo…

I mean come on…how can you not love it?  Star Wars and pork…these are a few of my fav-vor-ite things…

Thanks That’s Nerdalicious

April 18, 2011   No Comments

The Bacon Blotter – Breakfast Bandit…

We haven’t had a “Bacon Blotter” post since 8/15/09…so imagine my “content that practically writes itself” joy when I came across this: 

Andre Fitzgerald Hall

Bringing home the bacon: Alleged breakfast bandit at large in Starkville 

Hide your bacon. Hide your waffles. The Starkville Police Department is on the lookout for a breakfast thief who allegedly ripped off the Holiday Inn Express.Andre Fitzgerald Hall, 27…who is on probation for prior offenses, is accused of walking into the Holiday Inn on April 1 as if he were heading to a room. On his way to the back he detoured through the kitchen where he helped himself to two cases of bacon and six cases of waffles. Investigators believe he made several trips between the hotel and his home on Wood Street, which is near the Holiday Inn. 

Holiday Inn Express bacon? Really?  Dude, you just had to be hungry. I do admire that “act like you belong” tactic though. 

via Jason Browne, cdispatch.com

April 14, 2011   1 Comment

“Grown Up” Mac & Cheese at Noodles…

Better Half was working late tonight so I was pickin’ up Lil’ Baird.  The thing with Daddy pickin’ up Lil’ is that the first time I picked her up at her new school, we went out for a Daddy / Daughter day that included a trip to Rainforest Cafe.  Since then, every time I pick her up she wants to go to a “res-TA-runt”.  Well today she got to me and we headed down to Noodles & Company just down the street.

As I walk in, one sign had me at hello…“Grown Up” Mac & Cheese.  Three new bowls including this…

Bacon, Mac & Cheeseburger.  Yeah, I’m game! [

April 11, 2011   No Comments

Another April, Another Great Opening Day!

The baseball season may be a week old, but it officially begins TODAY in Detroit!  

How I LOVE this day!  It’s that hope springs eternal feeling!  It’s great friends and great memories!  It’s a cold beer on a weekday afternoon with the sun breaking through the clouds,warming the skin (even though it’s raining with a high around 47 today).  The crack of the bat, roar of the crowd and grass that uncharacteristically green for April in Michigan.

That may not be as poetic as Ernie Harwell or a Ken Burns documentary, but I think you get the gist. 

So it’s off I go…

Go Tigers!  Bless you Boys!

April 8, 2011   No Comments

Guess they Love Bacon in Bedford…

Interesting story came across my Google machine yesterday out of Canada (you may know them as America’s hat)…from CBC News:

Halifax Water is warning residents to be careful about what they pour down the kitchen sink after an accumulation of bacon fat clogged sewage pipes in the Ridgeview Drive subdivision in Bedford.

Some basements were damaged when raw sewage built up during a two-week break in February and spewed into homes…

Halifax Water general manager Carl Yates said crews sent cameras down manholes, and discovered the problem was created by bacon fat. The cameras sent back images of thick, white congealed fat, oil and grease.

“Most people think, ‘If I just pour a little bit down, what’s the big deal?’ But, you know, if there’s a couple hundred thousand people doing the same thing throughout the city, I mean it’s going somewhere,” Yates said Friday.

“It doesn’t just go away, it congeals and it clogs the pipes.”

That is a LOT of bacon grease.  I mean seriously…

That’s why I bought THIS two years ago!  Best kitchen utility ever!

Read the rest of the story over at cbc.ca.  Photo via cbc.ca.

April 4, 2011   No Comments